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What Your Makeup Collection Says About You

A makeup bag can feel as personal as one’s underwear drawer sometimes when rifled through.

Will we be judged on brand? Colour scheme? Price?

I believe that a lady’s makeup bad says as much about her as her underwear drawer too. So let’s find out what kind of makeup bag makes you the woman you are.

Have a peep in your beauty bag and see which one of these ladies is you!

Designer Vamp

Your bag itself is a genuine Louis Vuitton or Hermes. The makeup within is all Chanel, Dior and Lancome. Your stuff is so expensive you have it insured.

You like to look groomed and elegant, you spend time and money on maintaining your well groomed appearance.

You have expensive tastes in all areas (from cocktails to shoes to cars) and a high maintenance lifestyle is what you love.

You make your own money and have a high powered career that may involve schmoozing with clients; therefore needing to look your best at all times.

Other women can find you intimidating though.



You care about the environment and you would rather be run over than buy any products that you know have not been ethically produced.

You like organic products and natural colours and tones. You don’t wear a lot of makeup but when you do, it’s light and discreet.

You love brands like Nvey Eco UK, Josie Maran and Urban Decay. You will wear eco clothing as well, you are not frivolous or self centred.

You are aware of the dangers posed by chemicals, you use phthalate-free water bottles, you are health conscious, exercise regularly and eat healthily.

You even buy organic tampons and are a recycling activist! Well done you!

Every Day Girl

You’re not into extremes or fads. You have the same steady makeup routine for work and play that you have had for years.

You like cheaper brands like Maybelline and Avon, but you have a couple of expensive items for special occasions.

You like natural tones but go heavier when you go out clubbing.

You’re not the sort of girl to wear a flashy red lipstick, you’re more likely to use a clear lip gloss and wear plenty of bronzer.

Party Girl

You’re a party hard raver who enjoys having fun above all things. You like your look to reflect the fun life you lead so there will be plenty of colours and cool brands in your makeup bag.

Bold colours and neon face paints are in your makeup bag and you love indie brands like Manic Panic and Technic and you love statement cosmetics.

You’re a fan of stargazer hair dye and matching nails but you also love heavy black eyeliner for going out and always break out the face paints first at festivals and parties.

Which type of girl are you? Do you have any favourite makeup?

Susannah Perez is a fashion and beauty blogger with a penchant for cool urban makeup brands and dressing up for parties. She attends all UK festivals, writes reviews and enjoys a close collaboration with top online cosmetics shop Glitterstore.

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