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The Top Cases of Celebrity Collagen Overload

Collagen is at the top of the list of proteins in the body. It is found in everything from bones to skin. That nice bowl of sugary, colored gelatin served as a summer treat is collagen that was boiled out of animal hides. It was then dried, reconstituted in hot water and then allowed to cool to set. It is taken a step further in medical science. It is used to treat burn victims and to fill in wrinkles and other areas of the body. Injected collagen can come from bovine or porcine sources, or it can be collagen from the person being treated.

Celebrities and Collagen

When one celebrity gets cosmetic work done, there seems to be a mad rush for the rest of the crowd to follow suit. Popular Hollywood personalities seem to always try and outdo one another. Some may have gone too far when it comes to collagen. Most are familiar with the bee stung look of many collagen-injected celebrity lips. Some of them have it naturally. Some obviously do not.

What naturally looks good on Angelina Jolie does not look equally as good on other stars. Lindsay Lohan is one of the latest celebrities to change her look. Her lips have gone from being thin to very thick. Lisa Rhinna, better known as Billie Reed from the soap opera "Days of Our Lives," has lips that have increased greatly in size.

Some celebrities, such as Jessica Simpson, have a more subtle change in the look of their lips. A close scrutiny of images from her earlier days as a star to recent ones shows a noticeable change. In most cases, a subtle change toward more voluptuous lips increases sex appeal. However, more is certainly not always better when it comes to this cosmetic alteration.

The Worst Cases of Celebrity Collagen Overload

Sylvester (Sly) Stallone's mother Jackie is also famous for the cosmetic changes she has gone through over the years. There has been an obvious change to the size of her lips. Ms. Stallone turns 91 on November 29, 2012, and she looks great for her age. A lookalike of hers was misidentified as Ms. Stallone on a daytime TV show recently. The image came from a premiere of Sly's second installment of the movie "The Expendables." The show corrected their error the next day after Sly called and told them that it was not his mother. The lookalike had huge lips, indicative of an extreme collagen overload.

A little collagen goes a long way in cosmetic alterations of the face. Radically changing appearance can make a person appear clownish, thus negating any benefit originally sought by having the procedure done. However, what is obvious to everyone else is apparently not obvious to the person having the procedure done.

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