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Healthy Food: Explore Your Sense of Taste & Lose Weight

Who does not love good food? Sometimes this is the reason that we gain weight because of tasty meals served at the dining table. This can drive us to look for certain foods that satisfy our hunger. Unfortunately, we oftentimes overeat because the chicken tastes so yummy or the creamy sauce poured to your pasta is mouth-watering.

We are used to these tastes but if you are taking the road to lose weight or healthy living, you have to explore the taste of healthy foods. You might be surprise how delectable are the fruits and vegetables.

Most of us have limited knowledge about nutrition unless you exert extra effort to learn about it. Hence, we always believe that a good source of protein is limited only to meat but you can have healthy alternatives to it. You can explore the variety of beans as an option. There are the kidney beans, chick peas, green mung beans and so on. It is a healthy choice because it is plant based. The calories are less compared to meat and it contains healthy fat. Saturated and Trans fats are generally from animal source of food and it is known to be harmful. It is attributed to high cholesterol and diabetes.

However eating plant based food like beans, it is a rich source of healthy fats like Monounsaturated fat and Polyunsaturated. It is known to contribute good cholesterol and sugar levels.

Salad concoctions can be a great way to explore your sense of taste and at the same time enjoy its health benefits. Salads can be a mixture of fruits and vegetables. It means by incorporating more of this in our diet, our body is getting the essential nutrients. Another advantage is it is low calorie so you can fill your tummy but not without feeling any guilty.

If you have not been a salad eater, then you can give it a try. Give it a chance and you will feel the difference even if you are not yet losing weight. Add a generous amount of salad to your daily meals like lunch and you will definitely feel the difference. You feel lighter and energetic. Unlike being full with high fatty foods like fried chicken and burgers, you actually feel bloated and lethargic.

Exploring your palate for good but healthy and nutritious food, it means making the right choice and spices. Ideally choose plant based ingredients and omit processed food as much as possible. Others will think that it is such a boring and bland meals but with the proper seasoning, you will have delectable healthy meals with lower calories and more nutritious.

We are now in the era wherein information is just a matter of clicking your mouse and the gazillion of information opens up. So being creative with your healthy foods is not limited to what you know. There are many websites and blogs that will help prepare tasty and nutritious meal without sacrificing the taste. 

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