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Must Have Essentials To Rock Your Summer Look

With summer lurking right around the corner, you need to start thinking about what you are going to do to prepare for it. You might think that you have your summer wardrobe squared away and dealt with, one less thing to worry about and all that.

Use this Summer Essentials guide as a kind of checklist, and make sure that you are properly prepared with this summer’s fashion must haves.

Looking good, staying cool

You can’t walk around everywhere squinting into the sun, can you? A decent pair of sunglasses should always be on your list when thinking of what to buy for the summer (if you haven’t got a pair already).

Depending on you personal preference there is a lot to choose from, and they don’t have to bank breakers either. If they do the job that they are made to do, look good and fit properly then you’ve got a winner.

Vests and blouses are another obvious first thought, but the material is just as important as the tops themselves. Cottons and linens are great choices because they are light and airy, as well as feeling great against the skin.

These materials are good for dresses to whether they are modest dresses or perhaps something a little more revealing. Material choice is going to play a large part in whether or not you have a comfortable day or a long and sweaty one. Obviously, the goal is to stay as cool as possible so make your choice carefully.

If you choose to go with a vest top or blouse, then you are going to need something just as light and airy for your bottom half. Shorts and trousers are a popular choice and linen make great trousers. Heavier than cotton, yet much cooler, linen won’t blow around as much in the breeze either.


Don’t forget your jacket, or your bag

A good jacket is probably the last thing you would think of, but a lightweight number can keep you cool in the heat yet protect against the chill of the evening breeze.

Denim cannot, will not be beat in that department and you can always fold it up when you don’t want to wear it without fear of creasing it up. Your folded jacket can be placed into your oversized bag.

Bags can get really hot inside in the summer, and an oversized bag can help air circulate and keep the contents cool. Material plays a part here too, and if you can get away with try something with a little ventilation.

Getting ready to smash that summer look doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. There is a chance that you already have some of these sat lonely and forgotten in the back of your wardrobe. Looking cool in the heat has never been his easy.

As always, looking good shouldn’t at a cost to your health so make sure that you stick to the shade when you can and always wear sunscreen - even if you feel you don’t need to.

Image source: Pixabay

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