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How to Get Into Shape Fast! A Man's Guide

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It’s summer, which means more opportunities to take your top off and catch some rays. While this may sound great to some, not everyone is keen on the idea. Men are prone to confidence issues about their body, just as much as women are. When it comes to summer, most men dread taking their shirts off in public. As for wearing swimming shorts on the beach?! That’s nerve wracking. If you want to shape up in time for summer then this is the guide for you.

Get on the Protein

We’re not saying you have to stock up on protein shakes to become buff. However, getting plenty of protein in your diet is really going to help you get in shape. The great thing is, most of our favorite foods are packed full of protein. You can gorge on chicken, eggs, fish. And even steak! Make sure that a large part of your meals are protein, with a healthy side of greens. Don’t cut out carbs altogether, but at least reduce your intake. Also, go for healthier carbs such as brown rice and sweet potato. It’s a good idea to stock up on foods that are filled with protein, for when you up your exercise game.

Upping Your Exercise Game

You knew it was coming! It doesn’t matter how out of shape you are, this is the key to getting lean. If you find it difficult to exercise then start slow. A simple walk around the block every day is enough to build up stamina. You’ll then be sprinting in no time. You should mix cardio with weight training if you want to create the body of your dreams. Also, focus on critical areas of your body every time you go to the gym. Legs, arms, torso. You get the gist.

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Problem Areas

Every man will have something they call their ‘problem area.' Some men will have more than one! These are the things that cause the biggest confidence issues. Therefore, they’re the things you want to tackle right away. Look for ways of how to get rid chest fat fast or tone up those arms. If you can make one small change, then it’ll make you feel more positive about the rest of your body. If you have a couple of problem areas, then work on them one at a time. This will motivate you to carry on with the healthy regime.

Cut Out the Booze

Want to know what’s stopping you from getting the body of your dreams? It probably has something to do with those late nights at the weekend. When you drink alcohol, your body tries to break those calories down first. Ignoring all of the food you’ve put in your body. This means that it takes a lot longer for your metabolism to burn all those calories. You’ll also be much more tempted to gorge on greasy foods when you’re hungover. Which can then cause you to ruin your healthy eating plan. Try to cut out booze for at least the first few weeks.

With these top tips, you can easily get in shape quickly. By the time your vacation comes around you’ll be ready to go! Top off and everything.

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