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Infographic: Find Your Perfume Persona

Just like our own personalities, the fragrances we find most appealing also differ and contrast in character. You may find a scent agreeable from the visceral stirrings from a distant memory, nostalgic aromas we associate with happy times. Take in this effective infographic and discover your own perfume persona.

This eye-catching infographic displays this unique feature in colourful and bold graphics. Simple yet extremely effective, it will also brighten up and attract natural links for the blog(s) we will spend a lot of effort promoting. Each site we see using this infographic to bring in social signals to a site, we will always work harder to make sure they receive the best value. We would love to see it up on a well-trafficked blog with a good moz rank, ensuring we can go to work our end, confident everything is well. To help both parties further, please hit us up and friend us if you like what we have to offer – after all, it’s always good to share and make solid contacts.

Remember, keep it fresh, my friends.

Great Perfume advice from Fragrence Expert James from - Helping you smell as good as you look

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