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Natural Beauty: The Cheaters Guide

I don’t know about you, but I would love to be one of those girls who wake up looking fantastic. You know the type, the girl who has super clear skin, perfectly straight hair and who can nip to the shops in a pair of joggers and look sexy. It’s hard not to be jealous and sometimes when I see such a girl saunter into view I have to physically restrain myself from slapping her in the face; but, this girl is normally on TV, so let’s get realistic.

Makeup and a healthy lifestyle work together to give you confidence, and self-assurance will make you appear sexy and beautiful to those around you. To help you boost your confidence below are a few beauty tips and advice on living a healthy lifestyle.

Perfectly Clear Skin

The tone and texture of your skin has a huge impact on how you feel in yourself, and one thing I personally suffer from is spots! To get clear skin which has a healthy shine it’s important to drink lots of food, avoid eating sugary foods and exercise regularly.

Although this will most definitely help your skin, it’s important to try and wear as little foundation as possible. Try taking your makeup off wherever possible, it gives your skin a chance to breathe and you’ll start to see the colouring return to your face. Going on holiday is a great place to go bare – but at this time of the year most of us are covering up as our skin reacts to the hot and cold temperature changes.

If you do have spots there are a few things you can do to dry them up. Tea tree is great for this and if you apply this at night or place a few drops in the bath tub you’ll soon see the difference. Another great tip is to use coconut oil as a night moisturiser, it is a natural healer and will hopefully clear up any spots.

Highlight Your Best Features

Eyebrows, eyes, lips or cheekbones, whichever is your best feature there are makeup tricks to enhance these. Hair and eye brows are very good at framing your face and core facial features, therefore if you dye your hair make sure your eyebrows are the same colour. Also, keep your hair and eyebrows in good condition. This is achieved by eating healthy and plucking your eyebrows. If you’re not confident enough to pluck your own eyebrows there are plenty of beauty spas which will do this on your behalf.

To highlight cheekbones and eyebrows, simple place a little white/silvery eye shadow on the upper brow and along the top section of your cheek. This will give you a healthy glow and enhance your facial features.

Although bright coloured lips are all the fashion at the moment, it can have the effect of making you look pale and washed out. If you’re naturally fair go for pinker shades of red, as they are warmer. Brunettes can often get away with wearing stronger colours. Although if you want the natural look, try nudes and pale shades of pink.

Eat Healthier & Be Active

If you want to feel confident about your appearance, working out and eating healthier will give you a much needed confidence boost. Even if you do exercise once or twice a week, you can treat yourself to the odd indulgent treat without incurring the dreaded food guilt.

If you follow these tips you are sure to feel beautiful; however my personal tip is if you feel confident in how you look, you’ll naturally appear sexy and beautiful to those around you.

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