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5 Tips for Picking Lingerie That Flatters Your Body Type

Lingerie is a great way for women to feel fun and flirty. However usually shopping for lingerie is far from fun and seems more like hard work! It is often difficult for women to find lingerie that flatter’s their particular body type and doesn’t make them feel uncomfortable. Here are some tips to utilize during your next lingerie shopping trip to help find garments that will flatter your shape and size so that you can look and feel your very best.

  1. The most important aspect of lingerie shopping is to know your body type. While it is important, understand that you likely will not fit into one particular category of body shapes. Consider your shape at different parts of your body. Women’s bodies range in shapes and sizes such as curvy, lean, busty, petite, muscular, pear-shaped and more. Then consider which of these features you want to play up the most. Perhaps you want a deep neckline, a defined waistline or something that flows. When shopping for lingerie also think about the kinds of clothes you usually wear and mimic these styles so that you will feel most comfortable.
  2. Before you even try anything on, be sure to get a bra fitting. Many women think they know their bra size, but may be off, or their size may have changed since their last fitting. Asking a professionally to take the time to double check your size will ensure you purchase the best and most flattering lingerie that will fit you perfectly.
  3. Try on a wide variety of styles. Try not to shop for lingerie online because you will not be able to see how it looks on your particular body and frame. Instead, try to visit a few different lingerie shops and try a bunch of different options. You may even ask a sales associate to help you by pulling things that they think you will like or a selection of very different lingerie sets. Be sure to wear a thin, nude thong when shopping so that you can keep in on while trying on different lingerie selections.
  4. Next, think about how each piece of lingerie feels on your skin. If it is itchy, scratchy, tight, or uncomfortable in any other way you will not want to wear it, no matter how great you look in it! Try to stay away from things like sequins, glitter or itchy lace that will become irritating. Also, remember that lingerie doesn’t have to be really skimpy. If you feel most comfortable in an option that has more coverage, that’s great! Find something that covers where you need it but emphasizes your body in all the right places.
  5. Once you have narrowed down your options, be sure to purchase at least 2 lingerie outfits. It is ideal to choose one that is super flirty and another that is more causal and laid back for use during different occasions. Having one option for special occasions is nice when you want to be a bit more dressed up. However, having a cute lingerie set that you can even wear to bed regularly can spice things up in your love life. Plus, you’ll get even more use out of it and more bang for your buck!

Whether you shop at Camo Trading lingerie or Victoria’s Secret, keeping these tips in mind will help you to find the best lingerie for your body type. Be sure to know your body type, get a bra fitting, try of various styles, consider comfort, and purchase 2 different lingerie options. You will feel comfortable while looking your very best!

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