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How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an ideal and effective way to remove unwanted and uncomfortable hair from your body. It can save you from tedious and painful hours of plucking, waxing, and shaving for years to come. While it is often a cosmetic procedure, laser hair removal is still a medical procedure first and foremost, and it should always be approached as such. You should prepare safely and properly for any laser hair removal treatment in order to ensure effectiveness and safety! Here are some tips to utilize for your laser hair removal appointment.

First, be sure to do your homework. Do research about medical professionals in your area who perform these procedures. This can include taking time to view the website or call the office at first. You may want to ask friends where they went if they have had the procedure done in the past. Most physicians will allow you to meet with them for a consultation first. This will help you to learn about their credentials and their methodology, and it will allow you to ask any questions. Also, you can determine if you feel comfortable with this particular individual. Be sure that the doctor and the office feel like a good fit and confirm that they have experience as well as positive patient reviews.

Once you have chosen your physician you need to schedule the appointment. During the time between your consultation and the actual procedure you need to be minimal in your own hair removal processes. At least 6 weeks before the procedure you should limit or eliminate any plucking, waxing, or electrolysis for optimal laser hair removal results. These methods target the root of your hair follicles, which can cause a problem for the laser, which targets this area of the hair for the procedure to work effectively. In addition, stay away from the sun. Extended exposure will reduce the effectiveness and should also be avoided after the procedure itself for a few weeks.

A couple of days before the appointment, be sure to shave the target area. You do not have to shave thoroughly but enough that the root and follicle are exposed. Longer hair can result in a more painful and unpleasant laser hair removal experience and can actually make it more difficult for the technician or physician.

On the day of the procedure, be sure that the area is clear and clean. Do not use lotions, moisturizers, makeup, or creams of any kind. You should also be sure to wear loose fitting clothing so that you are comfortable. Tighter clothing may stick to any creams applied after the treatment and can actually cause irritation. You should also request eyewear protection from the technician to protect you from any harm the laser may cause.

Laser hair removal is an effective cosmetic choice but should be treated as a serious medical procedure. Look into it as you would for any other doctor visit. View website information about the technician and set up a consultation, prepare the skin and hair follicles properly, keep skin shaved and clean before the procedure, and finally be prepared with the right clothing the day of. All of these precautions will ensure that you did everything in your power to have an effective, safe, and smooth laser hair removal treatment.

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