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How to Select Evening Wear for a Black-Tie Event

You’ve been invited to a black-tie affair. You know this will be a sophisticated event such as a wedding, but what exactly does Black-Tie actually mean? Often many individuals are confused as to what they should wear to an event and feel insecure if they are not dressed appropriately. No one wants to show up to an event of any kind over or under dressed. Here is some advice so that you know how to select eveningwear for your next Black-Tie event.

First it is important to understand the different types of Black-Tie requests on invitations. Some invitations may call for “Black-Tie Preferred”. If this is on your invitation, it suggests that the hosts would prefer a tuxedo or floor length gown look, but are flexible if you are unable to wear these choices. Instead, you can still feel comfortable wearing a really nice suit or a classy cocktail dress of a shorter length. Even though they say preferred, know that most people will be dressed in their Black-Tie apparel. If the invitation says “Black-Tie Optional” you have some more flexibility. In this case, the crowd will likely be split in half between those who wear tuxes and gowns and those who wear suits and cocktail dresses.

If you decide to dress in official Black-Tie attire, your outfit will have to be quite specific. For a man, you will need a full tux. A full tuxedo is comprised of the dinner jacket with a wing collar, a vest or cummerbund, trousers, and a black bow tie. You can rent a tux or purchase your own if you know you will need a tuxedo for various events in the future. Sometimes it is a better option to purchase a tux instead of renting it over and over again. Women can choose any color dress, however the gown must reach the floor because they are deemed to be more elegant and sophisticated. When in doubt, black is always a great color option, but you can choose from other rich colors and hues. Also, choose a classy clutch to coordinate with your gown. This could be made of satin or sequins. Finally, dress it up with your very best jewelry and choose sleek, comfortable heels to wear with your gown.

When in doubt, it is always a good idea to ask around to find out what other people are going to be wearing to the event. You may even want to call up the host and ask if the outfit you had in mind is appropriate. This will help you to feel confident and secure in your decision before the big day.

When dressing for a Black-Tie event it is important to know which kind of tux, suit or evening dresses you are expected to wear. Understand and be able to distinguish the difference between Black-Tie, Black-Tie Preferred and Black-Tie Optional in order to narrow down your outfit options. All of these tips will help you to feel comfortable in your outfit so that you can enjoy the evening thoroughly and look fantastic.

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