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Fashion Tricks of the Trade

Fashion is about comfort, personal style and the desire to look a certain way. Fashion can increase self-confidence and can perfectly represent you as a person through the clothes and accessories that you choose to wear.

New seasons bring new fashion trends, desired looks and popular items that can transform you into a true fashionista. But there are some items that every girl should have in her wardrobe, as not only do they never fade in popularity but they can act as fashion savours and work perfectly alongside key trends.

The Little Black Dress

The ‘LBD’ as it is affectionately known is the staple of any woman’s wardrobe. It has to be the dress that is ideal for any occasion, not too dressy, not too casual, the ultimate fall back that offers a solution to any fashion crisis. The LBD can be dressed up for a night out with statement accessories and high heels, or the perfect office attire with a pair of pumps and a subtle scarf.

Black Court Shoes

Like the LBD, the shoes need to have a slight heel, which makes them ideal for wear during the day and the evening. A pair of basic black heels is a key addition to any wardrobe as they so easily pair against any style, any occasion and any intended look. High heels are the ultimate fashion accessory and add much needed glamour and style to any outfit.


They are the epitome of versatile style with the ability to transform a look from casual to formal and vice versa. Scarves for women are one of the best ways to add a hint of elegance and a drop of glamour to a look, whether they are worn more typically, around the head or as an accessory tied around a handbag or wrist for example, their versatility makes them one of the most important accessories.


A good handbag is definitely an investment. Although the cost may be quite significant, a handbag that is the finest quality can last a lifetime. The colour choice should be one which that makes it easily combine with any outfit as the size should allow it to be worn at any time and in any situation. Its practical purposes combined with design and statement style make it an accessory that is seen on catwalks year after year.

Crisp White Shirt

The crispness and elegance that comes with wearing a white shirt means it is a style that will never go out of fashion. Worn casually with jeans, or formally with a pencil skirt, it is a look that is perfect for any occasion and can instantly transform a look adding luxury and empowerment within an outfit.

The most important thing to remember when looking at wardrobe staples, is versatility. They need to be items that are easily transformed from day to night from casual to formal and fitting for each occasion. They should be able to alter a look and work perfectly blended with leading style trends. They really are the fashion tricks that can turn you into a key fashion player whilst maintaining comfort and personal style.

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