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4 Natural Ways to Restore Female Libido

Women may not talk about it, but sexual desire is often on their minds. Many women wonder where their libido went, why it left and how to get it back. Balancing the demands of their home, work and relationships is a full-time job, and the pressures of life often crowd out sex.  
At the end of the day, many women have little time or energy to pursue a sexual relationship with their husbands or partners. Parenthood or menopause may also play a role in their dwindling sex drives. The female libido is dependent on physical, mental and emotional stimulants, so problems in these areas can cause sexual problems as well. 
Women have different needs when it comes to sexual desire and arousal. Some women do not know why their sexual interest has waned, and others are too embarrassed to seek help. Here are four ways to restore female libido that can help these women and others like them. 
Reduce Stress 
Stress is a major problem for women today. Modern lifestyles make it easy for stress to build before women are aware of the problem. Low libido is a common result of stress. 
The best way to reduce stress is to remove its source. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Therefore, women should seek ways to minimize the stress through rest, relaxation and other measures. 
Regular exercise is a good stress-reducer. Exercises like yoga and tai chi, which incorporate physical poses with meditation, are good ways to eliminate stress. Walking and hiking are also good options. 
Diet is another way to cope with stress. Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meat, nuts and unprocessed foods help with stress reduction. Healthy eating improves sexual health and general well-being. 
Improve Sleep 
Poor sleep, no matter what causes it, can impact female libido. Tired women are not in the mood for sex. On the other hand, quality sleep can refresh and revitalize women so they can enjoy their sexual encounters. 
Women enjoy a longer, more restful sleep when they follow they create a sleep haven, keep a sleep schedule, follow a bedtime routine, limit daytime naps, avoid late night caffeine, exercise daily and manage their stress. These practices will improve not only their sleep but also their other bedroom activities. 
Regulate Hormones 
The female hormones can play havoc with sexual desire and arousal. Whether women are dealing with the hormone changes that happen each month -- or with the unpredictable hormones of pregnancy or menopause -- their libido is bound to suffer. 
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), antidepressant drugs and low-dose birth control pills can either improve or reduce sexual desire. If these medications cause low libido or other sexual problems, doctors can recommend alternative treatments. For some women, libido-enhancing supplements are the answer. 
Increase Romance 
Keeping the romance alive in a marriage or relationship is essential for emotional and sexual happiness. The feelings of excitement that couples have early in their relationship can get lost in everyday life. Weekend getaways and time away from daily routines can do wonders for a sexual relationship. 
Aphrodisiac foods and libido-enhancing products can help set the mood for romance. Natural sex enhancers are a fun way to spice up a couple’s love life for a more satisfying sexual experience.

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