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5 Items Every Classy Girl Needs

From lippie to handbags, here are five items that every classy girl needs.

Red Lipstick

Blonde, brunette, ginger? No matter your colouring, height or age, red lipsticks suits everyone. There are no exceptions! If you don’t have a reliable, good-quality red lippie in your collection, what are you waiting for? Visit your favourite makeup counter and ask for a consultation. They will look at your skin tone and hair colour and find you one that suits.


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Killer Heels

It can be pretty easy to turn into a shoe shopaholic! With so many styles, heel heights, design and colours… who can resist? No matter whether you have five pairs of five hundred pairs, every classy girl needs at least one pair of killer heels.

What are killer heels exactly? First off, they’re high! Definitely more than just a couple of inches. The height they give you gives confidence. You get a strut in your step, and they give you the ability to walk… no… stride into any room or situation. Secondly. They’re comfortable. You can slip them on wherever and whenever; no need to pack plasters in your handbag! Plus, comfort needs you know you won’t step out of them or trip up! Finally, they’re beautiful. They are whatever a beautiful pair of shoes is to you. This might mean they’re an extravagant, multi-coloured pair adorned with feathers! Or, it might mean they are a classic black Louboutin, with pointed toe and blood red heel.

Classy Watch

You don’t want to be getting your phone out every time you need to check the time! A classy timepiece, like these Bering watches, will help keep you well organised and on track with your day. No matter what colour or style you want, go for one that suits your wrist. Watches that are too hefty can look odd on dainty wrists.  

Roomy Handbag

Just like shoes, there is just so much choice! You might need a handbag you can use for weekend breaks or shopping trips. You might want a small on you can use on nights out, that’s just big enough for your phone, card and favourite lipgloss. But one bag every girl needs is a really roomy one. It should be big enough to fit your tech comfortably inside. This goes for your laptop, or iPad, and, of course, your chargers. It should also be big enough for a bottle of water, to keep you hydrated. That’s on top of the room you’ll need for the basics, like makeup and your wallet.

Any roomy handbag should come with a zip. This means you know your belongings inside are safe. Plus, it needs strong and sturdy handles and straps. If it fits lots inside, you need to know the straps are up to carrying the contents without a struggle.

Big Sunglasses

There to hide a multitude of sins, poor decisions and late nights, sunglasses have been coming to girls’ rescues for years! Always keep a pair in your handbag, and in your car if you drive too. Keep them in a case to prevent scratches or marks, and carry a small cloth to wipe them before use too.

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