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Don't Even Think About Hitting the Beach Until You Read This


Now that spring is here, you may think that it is far too soon to be thinking about the summer. But although it might be hard to believe right now, soon, it’s going to be a lot warmer. After months of being wrapped up in winter woolies, are you ready to flash some flesh? The chances are you might want to make some preparations before you put your bikini on. But don’t despair, we’re here to help. Here are some great ways to get your body ready for the beach!

Let’s face it; a healthy glow makes everyone look better. But don’t risk aging your skin or things like skin cancer and play it safe. There’s no end in 2016 to have to use sunbeds. You can fake it with ease. Gone are the days of streaky smelly artificial tans. Their modern counterparts are easy to apply and give you a sunkissed look without any of the dangers of UV rays. A subtle glow will also help bring out any muscle definition, so if you've been hitting the gym, you’ll look like a goddess.

Watch what you eat - but we’re not talking about dieting. You may think drinking diet soda makes you slimmer, but all that gas can make you look bloated. Try to limit the number of artificial sweeteners you consume - they can add to the unwanted girth around your middle. Try snacking on juicy fruits like melon instead. They'll give you some of the sweetness you crave and help quench your thirst. Foods to stay away from include cabbage, beans, and broccoli - they’ll just boost the bloat, which is the last thing you want.


If your tootsies are less than tempting, then it's time to give some TLC to your feet. They’res nothing less attractive than hard skin and callouses creeping over your flip flops. Why not have a pedicure if you want to perfect the peep toe look? If you’ve got bunions from years of wearing ill-fitting shoes, then you may be shy about showing them off. Companies like Belcara Health can offer cosmetic podiatry, which means you could be showing off your new sandals in no time, with no shame at all.

Fed up of shaving? Then now could be your chance to look for a more permanent method of hair removal. Let’s face it, having to make sure your legs are silky smooth every day can be a real pain. And let’s not even start talking about all the other areas you have to attend to when you're depilating. Sometimes, being a woman can be a lot of hard work. Why not try laser removal? It’s more convenient than older procedures as you larger areas can be treated in one go. Old methods like electrolysis aren’t always suitable for bigger surface spaces like legs. That's because each hair had to be dealt with individually. Thank goodness times move on!

You don’t have to lose weight to rock your look on the sand. Self-confidence is the most attractive thing, and it doesn’t make a difference what size you are. Beauty comes from within, so stand tall, and work those waves. Happy holiday!

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