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Why you should see your dentist before you get pregnant?

Pregnancy brings many changes in woman’s body and the major cause for these changes is due to the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. These changes also affect the health of the teeth and gums and hence it is important to be aware of the care you have to take during pregnancy.

The risk of developing gum diseases can also affect your baby. Pregnancy gingivitis is the name for the condition that causes the tender gums bleed during pregnancy. You must observe the signs of any swelling, bleeding or tenderness in gums and get it checked by the dentist immediately.

The visit to the dentist before a planned pregnancy will help the dentist check the risk and it is the best way to keep informed of the risk involved. Without this awareness, such signs are usually neglected.

It is especially true in case you have any present dental problems existing or just developing. It is important to know in advance about such risks by a thorough examination of an experienced dentist. If you visit your dentist before getting pregnant, you should get your teeth cleaned - an airflow cleaning is highly recommended - and by observing the condition of the gums any underlying problem can be detected.

Apart from this, your dentist can advise you about the risks of dental treatment as having such treatments in the first trimester and latter half part of third trimester must not be undertaken. This is due to the stage of the baby’s development, which can be affected by the treatment (e.g. painkillers, sedation, antibiotics).

There is no bar on conducting routine dental operations during second trimester but elective procedures must be delayed. Because of this it is necessary to plan pregnancy based on the condition of your dental health as to be judged by a dentist. It can create complications if a woman is in need of dental procedures in the midst of pregnancy.

If it becomes necessary to have dental procedures during pregnancy, the dentist has to take into consideration the medication the pregnant women is taking, including vitamin supplements and any specific course of medication prescribed. The dentist has to plan his treatment and medication based on the medicine the pregnant woman is taking.

Since the dentist has to treat the dental problems by considering these conditions it advisable to consult the dentist before a woman plans for pregnancy. It will raise her awareness of the problems involved and make her to visit the dentist frequently during pregnancy.

Taking dental X-rays should be avoided during pregnancy. The dentist has to exercise great precaution to safeguard the pregnant woman and the baby from the risk of exposure to X-rays. Dentist can advise the woman on this risk and have the condition diagnosed before pregnancy.

A dentist will also advise on the right diet you have to follow during pregnancy. It is necessary to avoid sugary snacks in spite of pregnancy cravings. They can easily cause dental decay. You must eat a balanced healthy diet consisting of dairy produce, yogurt and cheese which are good for both pregnant woman and the baby.

A visit to the dentist also helps to understand the bacteria causing tooth decay which can also affect the baby. No doubt, the visit to a dentist by women planning to be pregnant and following the dentist’s suggestion is not only helpful but also essential.

This article has been written by London Dental Implant, a dental clinic in Battersea, London, specialized in implant surgery. You can visit their website at or connect with them on Facebook.

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