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How to Avoid the Fading of Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is the new popular procedure in the cosmetic industry. It is based on the age-old principles of tattoo making. It is gaining prominence owing to the conveniences it offers. It is usually done on the eyebrows or lips. It permanently enhances that particular feature in shape and size.

Permanent makeup, though is long lasting, it is subject to fading, in extreme conditions. Light color enhancements tend to fade faster. It is advised that you get a replenishing touch up, every 12 months. You must not step out in the sun in bright daylight. It makes the makeup drier.

The Process Behind Permanent Makeup

The process is known as micropigmentation. It is similar to a plastic surgery, though it is only done superficially, on the epidermis (uppermost layer of the skin). Only a qualified dermatologist or a micropigmentologist is eligible to perform this operation.

Micropigmentation is similar to tattooing insofar that it deposits natural or synthetic pigment cells, within the contoured area. The process is short, and once done, the client can return to her or his daily routine from the very next day. The client should be cautious for the next 3 weeks, as it serves a probation period for the skin. Here are a few tips to take care post procedure.

Taking Care of Your Permanent Makeup

  • Use chilled chamomile tea bags for about 10 minutes, every two hours on the first day after the operation. However, extended use of this should be avoided, as it can lead to numbing of the tissue.
  • From the second day onwards, use only moist tea bags, instead of chilled.
  • For the next 5 days, apply moist healing ointment often.
  • Do not undertake any physically exhausting exercises in the next week. A rise in blood pressure and dilation in blood vessels results in oozing and swelling.

Once, the three weeks are over, you can relax. But, it is subject to fading in extreme condition. Here are a few prevention tips.

Prevent Your Permanent Makeup From Fading

Fading is one of the major drawbacks of permanent makeup. To avoid fading, avoid exposing yourself to the sun, especially after getting permanent eyebrows, as the eye brows are the highest portion of the face, hence gets maximum exposure. The face exfoliates faster than the body. Ask your micropigmentologist for a darker color, as it resists fading more than light colors do.

Some dermatologists do not recommend permanent makeup, owing to the permanent damage it is capable of. However, once done, it is usually irrecoverable. Another reason as to why, it is advised against getting permanent makeup is because makeup styles change every month, if not more frequently. You are restricted to only one style for the rest of your life with permanent makeup. To get rid of permanent makeup, make sure you do step into the sun, use anti-aging creams that shed away all unused elements of the skin.

Though permanent makeup serves as the permanent solution for some, it has its disadvantages as well. You must be very careful before opting into it, as well as after the operation has been done. You might get bored of it soon and want to change it. Therefore, it is usually prescribed for older women, who have no eyebrow growth or have wrinkled lips. 

Anna-Mae has been researching about permanent makeup and its benefits for future generations. She would like to share with the world her findings for a more beautiful public.

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