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Top 5 Sports That Workout the Entire Body

Going to the gym for workout is quite helpful in losing weight and building muscles. But sometimes, the routine can become tiring and boring that you would like to look for a different way to build muscles and have fun. This is where sports comes to play.

Sports offer what exercises in the gym provides. Aside from promoting overall health, it helps develop strength, agility and stamina while shedding fats and building muscles. Knowing this, here is a list of the best sports that workout the entire body for you to choose from.

Top Sports for Entire Body Workout

  1. Swimming

Indeed, swimming is a whole body workout that is not only great for weight loss but also for the heart. Unlike basketball, it is a low-impact cardio workout that is best for people who have delicate joints. If you love the waters, swimming would be a routine that you would look forward to every day. It targets many major body muscles such as the arms, shoulders, legs and the abdomen. You would be able to build a physique that has strong and well-toned muscles.

  1. Basketball

Basketball builds endurance, balance and coordination. You will do a lot of running and shooting, hence, you need to check with your doctor before participating in a game. Due to the nature of basketball, muscles are developed. You will not see a basketball player with problems regarding overweight and obesity because this sport causes large amount of perspiration in just one game.

  1. Kayaking

Another watersport that works out the entire body is kayaking. Yes, you read it right. This does not only tone and improve the upper body but the lower body muscles too. It targets the butt, thigh and leg muscles aside from the back, arms and shoulders. This is why rowing machines are also available in the gym.

  1. Tennis and Squash

Tennis and squash are among the top sports that you can do if you are looking for entire body workout that is coupled with a lot of fun. Tennis and squash improves cardio functioning, muscle strength and endurance. While you play, you are assured that your muscles can get bigger and leaner. Although this is a very active physical sport, it does not provide too much stress on your bones and joints. If you'd like to learn more about how to play tennis, you can visit Pro Tennis Tips to find more articles on tennis tips, rules of tennis, and articles on such topics as how to pick a tennis stringing machine.

  1. Bouldering, Rock climbing or Wall climbing

These sports could have some differences but the idea is the same. You would have to go up a wall carrying the weight of your body. It may seem simple but it’s not, most especially for overweight individuals. People who want to lose weight and build or tone their muscles would find good results from this sport.

Other sports that give total body workout are boxing, cycling, skiing, surfing, gymnastics, parkour and sprinting. Ballet which is also considered a sport is included in this list. So no matter your personality, you will surely find a sport that is specially fit for you and could get your body complete exercise. You can add these to your regular workout routine for variety.

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