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Top 4 Ways to Move on After that Messy Breakup

Breakups are never easy, especially if you’ve been with the person for a long time. If you’ve been living together, then your lives will have become so intertwined that pulling them apart can be a little like surgery without anaesthetic. There’s really no way easy way of dealing with it, though thankfully there is a huge amount of information out there to at least there to help guide you through the turmoil.

Get rid of reminders

The last thing you need after a messy breakup is to see reminders of your ex wherever you turn. There’ll be plenty of things that you own that evoke your relationship, whether they are presents such jewellery or clothes, CDs with ‘your’ songs on them, or even just photos.

For some, just putting them out of sight for a while - until the heartache starts to abate - will suffice. For others, you’ll need a clean break and to get rid entirely. Although you may just want to see all this stuff on the rubbish heap, there are better places for some of it.

Websites like Music Magpie specialise in selling old possessions and is a great place to send your now-unwanted presents, such as clothing, CDs and electronics. This will help you let you let go of some painful memories, while giving you some extra cash to kick-start your new life and get back out there.

Delete your ex from Facebook

It’s not just Facebook you’ll want to remove them from, but from your entire online consciousness – for now, at least. It’s never going to be nice seeing their relationship status change if or when they find someone new. Some also people find themselves developing an unhealthy obsession with photos of their ex, looking for those tell-tale signs.

The bottom line is your former partner really isn’t worth all that time and worry. The only way to ensure you don’t waste time agonising over them on social media pages is to cut contact with them for the immediate future. Try to concentrate on making the best of your life, rather than worrying about theirs.


You don’t want to just sit around thinking about them. That dull pain is never going to leave if you spend all your time concentrating on it. Perhaps it’s time you took up a new interest or sport. Not only is it going to take your mind of things, but it’s also going to get you out of the house and meeting new people.

It’s possible, so soon after a messy breakup, that meeting new people isn’t going to be at the forefront of your mind. However, it’s nice to remind yourself that things aren’t hopeless and that there are potential new partners out there. Who knows?

Get out there

If you are ready to meet new people, then don’t hesitate. Be confident, hold your head up high and get out there. This is a great opportunity to use your new-found freedom to take a raucous holiday with your friends, hit up the festival circuit or just a night out at the pub. Who knows who you might meet?

There’s also a well-established internet dating culture used by everyone and their dog these days. And how are you going to pay for that holiday, you ask? Well, how about the money you made through Music Magpie?

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