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How to Naturally Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

For men, a little facial hair – perhaps a five o’clock shadow or a little scruff – can be fashionable, and in some cases attractive. However, for women, facial hair can be an unnecessary scourge that can take constant upkeep to get rid of. No matter if it’s a mole with a few sprouts of hair, some peach fuzz sideburns or even some upper lip hair or even a mustache, no woman wants to look in the mirror and find that they have facial hair. Luckily, there are a number of ways to remove facial hair effectively and without leaving a mark. Many of these methods will last for weeks and some for months, but you usually have to undergo some kind of removal process 3 to 4 times a year. Here are some ways to remove unwanted facial hair.

Your first line of defense, depending on how unruly the hair is, is to tweeze it – one by one. This method works best if you only have a few errant hairs. This can be in between the eyebrows, on a mole or some overgrown hair follicles on the cheeks. When you do tweeze the hair on your face, make sure that you are pulling each individual strand of hair. You don’t want to grab three or four strands and accidently pull off a piece of skin off, which can leave scarring and other unsightly marks.

Next, you can look for the best epilator or go with your favorite brand, but shaving your facial hair is another option. If you do go with this option, you could run the risk the hair growing back thicker and more unsightly. If you do shave, make sure that you use a sufficient amount of lotion. You also don’t want to make shaving your face a regular occurrence. This is especially important, because if you shave your mustache more than a few times a week, it can grow in thicker and thicker each time.

Also, there are lots of creams that you can use that will naturally and effectively lift the hair follicles out, so all you have to do is wash them away. When you do purchase a cream, make sure that you read the label to make sure there are no harmful chemicals that could potentially do more harm than good. It might also be wise to do a search online to make sure the company that manufactures the cream does not test on animals.

Lastly, there are lots of other methods too, that are natural and easy. Waxing is popular method that requires a thin coat of hot wax and some sort of paper, so the hair is literally ripped out one by one. It can be painful, but effective. There are also other procedures that aren’t as widely known, like twisting and flaming. With twisting, the hairs are literally twisted out one by one by an experienced hair removal specialist. And flaming is exactly how it sounds – the technician uses a low flame to remove the hair. Whatever method you choose, it is important to make sure that it is completely natural and won’t harm your skin.

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