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How to Find the Perfect Prom Dress for Your Body Type

Although prom season is supposed to be a really exciting time in any teen girl’s life, while looking for the perfect dress, if they only go by the gowns that they see in magazines and don’t know how to shop according to their body type, it can sometimes be a really frustrating experience. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Finding the right prom dress is simply a matter of knowing how your body is built and looking for the kind of gown that will accentuate your absolute best features.

If you’re gearing up to do some prom dress shopping and you want to find one that is perfect for you, we have some tips below:

Find Out What Your Body Type Is

Before you do anything, it’s best that you find out just what your body type is. Thanks to the internet, there are all kinds of websites that will provide you with tests that you can take to figure out if you are an apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle or any of the other cool names that designers have come up with to describe a woman’s body build. Two websites that can assist you are Body Shape Fashion Advice and Shop Your Shape.

Get the Right Foundation

Once you know what your body type is, there’s a store that you should go by before looking for the perfect gown and that is a lingerie shop so that you can get fitted for the right size bra. The reason why we make this suggestion is sometimes a dress doesn’t look right, not because of your body type, but the foundation that is underneath it. Also, it’s best to get fitted for a strapless bra. That way, you can comfortably and confidently try on all kinds of dresses.

Know What Works for Each Body Type

With the right information and the perfect bra, you’re now ready to look for some gowns for prom. Although there are many websites that can give you step-by-step information on what works best for each body type, we wanted to provide you with a few tips.

If you are an “apple”, you tend to have larger breasts and slimmer hips (think Sherri Shepherd from The View). A dress with a V-neck, empire neck line or a belt around the waist will complement your figure. If you are a “pear”, then you usually have a smaller bust and round hips with a full posterior (think Beyonce’). What fits nicely on you is a strapless gown because it accentuates your shoulders while not drawing as much attention to the lower half of your body (if you’re not comfortable with showing that off). An “hourglass” is someone who has a proportioned body because their upper half and lower half are somewhat “in balance” and their waistline is small (think Salma Hayek). Wrap dresses and fitted dresses are beautiful on this kind of shape. A “rectangle” shape is a woman who is slim and somewhat petite from head-to-toe (think Cameron Diaz). Dresses with a lot of detailing (like ruching, ruffles and beading), especially in the chest area, can help to create the illusion of curves. Plus, having a slender waste and hips allows for dresses that are made with a clingy material to accentuate your shape rather than magnify any flaws.

Applying these tips, along with selecting a color that complements your skin tone and shoes that make your legs look long and sleek will have you in the perfect prom dress, regardless of your body type; a dress that will have you as the “belle of the ball” the entire night.

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