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Summer Brights--New Trends in Eye Makeup

With summer around the corner, it is time to trade your pants and jackets for tank tops and shorts. It is also time to update your makeup bag. Put away all the dark makeup items and opt for brighter colors. Bright eye makeup will give you a fun and sexy look this summer. Here are some different ways you can wear bright eye makeup.

Turquoise Eyes

Turquoise eye shadow on your eyelids will certainly make you stand out this summer. After you have applied the eye shadow with a small eye shadow brush, make sure to blend away the harsh edges with a blending brush. You can add a little black eye shadow to the other corners to give your eyes a more smoky look.

Fuchsia Eyes

Fuchsia might not seem like a color you should wear on your eyes, but it actually looks very trendy and flattering. Apply fuchsia eye shadow to your eyelids and lowers lash lines. Line your upper and lower rims with black eyeliner. Complete the look with pink blush and lip gloss.

Purple Eyes

Purple eye shadow can really make eyes stand out, especially if you have green eyes. Apply a medium purple eye shadow to your eyelids and darker purple eye shadow to the outer edges to add dimension. Purple eye shadow is great to wear on a night out.

Yellow Eyeliner

If you are bored with wearing standard black eyeliner, try yellow eyeliner. Yellow eyeliner will get you noticed from a mile away. Just line your upper lash lines with a yellow pencil eyeliner. This shade will look most flattering on medium and dark skin tones.

Orange Eyeliner

Orange is another fun eyeliner color you can wear this summer. This color looks most flattering on women with blue eyes. You can complete this look with peach blush on your cheeks and nude lipstick on your lips.

Sparkly Green Eyes

Wearing a sparkly green eye shadow on the outer corners of your eyes will really make you look beautiful and youthful. Apply the eye shadow to the outer corners of your eyes in a C shape. It is best to use a blending brush to apply this eye shadow. A light pink lipstick and subtle bronzer will complement this look beautifully.

Red Eyes

If you want to pull off red eye shadow, you will have to go opaque. Sheer eye shadow will make you look sick. Apply the eye shadow to your eyelids, avoiding the inner corners. Add a couple of coats of black mascara.

Blue Eyes

Even though it's no longer the 1980s, you can still get away with wearing blue eye shadow this summer. It's a great eye shadow to wear to the club. Blue eye shadow will especially make brown eyes stand out.

Do not be afraid to try all of these different eye makeup looks. The bright eye shadows might be intimidating at first, but you may actually like the way they look on you. Make sure to wear an eye shadow primer under the eye shadow, so it lasts all day.

Cindi Lewis writes for a hair care and beauty products online retailer.

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