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Three Simple Yet Effective Skin Mole Remedies

The majority of people in the world have at least a couple of moles here and there on their body. In fact, these are typically normal and are simply caused by a buildup of melanin, the chemical in our bodies that produces dark skin pigment, in a specific area of the body. However, in today's world, smooth and clear skin is seen as the ideal type of skin to have. As a result, people who do have skin moles can often find themselves feeling self conscious and embarrassed by them, wishing that there was some way that they could be able to cover them up, or better yet, get rid of them. Well, the good news for those who are not happy with their skin moles is that there are three simple yet effective skin care remedies out there that they can try.

Remedy 1 - Onion Juice:

Many people do not realize it, but there are actually some natural home remedies that you can try to get rid of moles on you skin. And perhaps the most effective one out there is that of simply using onion juice. Of course, you may not be thrilled about the idea of onion juice, but the truth is that it could work, so it may be worth it to try. All you need to do for this remedy is to apply the juice directly to the mole a few times a day for about a week. Within just the first couple of days, you will begin to see it disappear and within a week, it could be completely gone. For those who cannot stand the smell of onions, you can also use grapefruit juice, though you should expect it to take about three weeks longer to see the same results.

Remedy 2 - Homemade Paste:

Another thing that you may have laying around at your home or in your pantry is coriander, which you can grind up into a paste and apply to the mole to get rid of it. This contains potassium, which is known to get rid of moles. So if you can make a small amounf of this paste and apply it to your skin for a few days, you should begin to see the disappearance of the mole by day three. Be sure to only leave the paste on your skin for about ten minutes before washing it off.

Remedy 3 - Vinegar and Supplements:

As stated, potassium is a key ingredient that breaks down skin pigments in the form of melanin. So another thing that you may want to try is to start taking actual potassium supplements or even to drink apple cider vinegar. This is a simple way to get rid of moles on the skin without actually having to remember to directly apply anything to it on a regular basis. Overall, there are all kinds of remedies that you can try to get rid of skin moles if you are unhappy with the way they look. So be sure to try one of the above remedies to see how it works for you and good luck!

Ann Motts is a specialist in skin care and dermatology. She writes for many health websites including RemoveSkinMoles.Com. The website offers information on natural mole removal and other treatment options for those who want smooth and clear skin.

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