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Losing Extra Pounds Through Healthy Diet and Food Choices

Some people would want to lose weight fast and tries those diet fads that promise to make you lose extra pounds in an instant. Diet pills have also been circulating over the market, which just do harm rather than beneficial results. When you lose weight, it is also important that you lose weight in a healthy way. Missing meals are also not good for you because these just increase your food cravings and result in binge eating when opportunity comes. The main objective of losing weight is for you to become wealthy and avoid diseases associated with being overweight or obese, so why not try those healthier choices in losing weight. Here are some of the tips to ensure that you are keeping a healthy weight loss:

Eat all natural

People long ago rarely have hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes and obesity. This is because what they eat is natural. Today, the numerous numbers of processed and fast foods make food choices a lot more dangerous. In order to prevent the bad effects of processed foods, start to consume all natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, self-cooked menus and the like.

Read Food labels

This may be very taxing especially when you have to shop for a lot of foods. However, this is the key to ensuring what you are eating is healthy. If you cannot go about eating all natural foods, then you have to start reading the labels of the food items you buy. Focus on the calories, fats and sodium content.  A calorie content of more than 300 per serving may be too much. Choose those than range from less than 100 to 200 per serving. As much as possible, also choose those 0% trans fat. Saturated and trans fat is very harmful because they contain bad cholesterol that contribute to atherosclerosis. Excess sodium also is not good because it promotes water retention. The everyday sodium requirement for people is only up to 3 grams or equivalent to 3 pinches of salt.

Avoid too much sugar

Too much sugar is also detrimental when you are trying to lose eight. Aside from high calorie content, sweet foods also contain a lot of glucose, which make your blood sugar unstable especially when you have diabetes. Remember that overweight and obese individuals are more at risk for diabetes so when you are fat, try to avoid foods with too much sugar to lower your risk for diabetes.

Increase Fluids

Fluids are not only beneficial for the cells of the body, but may also help you lose weight. Having fluids along with your meals makes you feel full even if you have not consumed much of your meal. You can increase your water intake or try some other healthy beverages such as fruit shakes, juice, and low fat milk shakes. Avoid sodas, too much coffee and chocolate drinks because these contain a lot of calories and caffeine.

 Choose whole grains

Whole grains such as whole wheat, oats, barley rye and brown rice are healthier than the white substitutes. Go for whole bread rather than white bread when preparing sandwiches. Pastas also are prepared using whole wheat so junk those white pastas that make you fatter. Whole grains tend to be used for energy as glucose rather than being stored in the body. In addition, whole grains also make you feel full faster than non-whole grain counterparts.

Now that you have known how to lose weight in a healthier way, cut down those weight loss fads and meal-skipping routines. 

Dr. Alapati Amarendra, the author born and raised in India. He likes to write on health benefits and

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