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How To Prepare Yourself For A Smile Makeover Syracuse NY

A smile of any person is one of the best assets in the body. If you're able to give out a lovely smile, you can instantly feel more confident, approachable, friendly, and attractive to those around you. No one wants to be around grumpy joe, who does nothing but frown the whole day. For many, smiling is nothing but an all-natural thing. They're not insecure about anything, and they're more than willing to give out a pleasant and friendly smile to the public.

Unfortunately for others, it doesn't become as effortless, or as easy to give out a smile. There are features of their teeth that make them hesitant about smiling. If you're from around Syracuse, the good news is that numerous accredited experts can give you that smile makeover that you've long been dreaming of. But, just as is the case with any successful makeover, you've got to do your part as well.

That said, here are some of the tips and tricks to guide you as you prepare for that big smile makeover:

  1. Thoroughly Discuss Your Dental Problems

On your first meeting with your cosmetic dentist, take the time also to discuss your specific dental problems. Don't rush your first consultation. Take this time as the foundation for all other preparation that you're going to go through so that you can have the best procedure possible for you.

Remember, you're going to be spending money on this procedure. Hence, it's imperative that right from the start, you've already ironed out every detail with your dentist. This should include your specific problems and your expectations.

For instance, assess the following:

  • Is it the color of your teeth that you're uncomfortable about? The shape? The size? The alignment?
  • If it's the color, what shade are you trying to aim for?
  • Are there any defects that you want to be filled with? Your gap tooth? A missing tooth? A decaying tooth?
  • Are you alright with visible braces? Or would you prefer an invisible one, such as Invisalign?

When you're transparent with your dentist about your concerns, this also gives him an idea as to what it is you're expecting from your procedure. And, it also gives your dentist a starting point as to what it is he or she needs to work on with you.

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  1. Save Up And Set A Budget

Just like any other procedure, your budget will always form one of the most significant bulk of the decision-making process. When you've decided to have your teeth worked on, you must also start saving.

Don't start saving up after your first appointment. Start saving even before you reach your first appointment. In that manner, you're giving yourself the chance to save even more. And, by the time that you meet your cosmetic dentist for your first consultation, you're already financially prepared.

Do take note that even on the first consultation, the dentist will already ask you about the budget that you're looking to spend. This will iron out matters even more clearly, as the dentist will have a better determination as to what type of procedure it is that you can afford.

Worry not, though, as there's a solution for every dental problem and every budget range. You've just got to prepare for this to help ensure that your procedure is going to go as smooth as it should be.

  1. Talk About Your General Health Condition

Depending on the kind of procedure that you're going to have, some might need more attention to your health than others. For instance, there are dental procedures wherein you’ll have to be sedated. This means one thing: the application of anesthesia on your gum or mouth area.

Although dental concerns are relatively minute in comparison with other procedures on the body, this doesn't mean that you should skip on informing your dentist about your general health condition. If necessary, you might need to comply with the necessary blood and medical exams first. This assures your dentist that there’s no mistake going to be made in the duration of the procedure. Imagine the horror that might happen if you were allergic to the anesthesia that the dentist applied.

  1. Listen Attentively And Assess All Your Options

Your cosmetic dentist in Syracuse is well trained. Hence, it's normal for you to expect that they're going to give you all your possible options. As the dentist lays these all out for you, listen attentively, and assess your options.

As your dentist informs you about these, they’ll also inform you of the specific protocol of each procedure. It's here that you'll have a better idea as to the actual preparation procedures that you'll have to go through. Given your circumstances like your job, schedule, and lifestyle, choose the procedure that you can best prepare for.

  1. Bring Along Your Personal Comfort Measures

Every patient is different, and you certainly have your ways of comforting yourself as well. Especially if you're going to undergo a lengthy procedure, ask your dentist if you're allowed to bring certain things that you consider as your comfort measures.

In most cases, your cosmetic dentist is going to allow this. If you're lucky, your dentist’s clinic has a movie that they're going to play in order for you to be relaxed and entertained throughout the procedure.

Other personal comfort measures include:

  • Listening to music. Before your appointment, make sure that you've got your phone loaded up with the music that you need to keep yourself relaxed. This should also include bringing along your earphones with you.
  • Wash your favorite blanket or pillow. Even if your favorite blanket or pillow brings you comfort, please don't bring it in the public unwashed. If you wish to take this to your dental procedure, be sure that you've got it cleaned as well.


Many individuals find people with a good set of teeth and a good smile attractive. Without a doubt, your smile forms an integral part of your whole image. It is, after all, one of the very first things that any other person will notice about you.

While judging others based on their physicality isn't good, it also cannot be denied that first impressions are lasting. If you've long been struggling with smile problems, the good news is that cosmetic dentistry is formed and is there to help you out greatly.

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