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Guide to Dermal Fillers: Saypha and Restylane

Fillers have recently gained popularity in the market of cosmetic products. They are used to fill the skin layers and have many advantages such as their affordable cost, ease of use and durability of their effect. Special attention should be paid to such preparations as Saypha and Restylane. This article will discuss what the instructions for their use are.


This product is a high quality cosmetic corrector made in Austria. It is created on the basis of hypoallergenic hyaluronic acid (biologically synthesized). This component is of non-animal origin and its density is 23 mg/ml. The main purpose of using the product is to correct folds and wrinkles of medium and large depths. The preparation is also widely used in lip augmentation procedures.

One package contains a 1.0 milliliter syringe (you can buy Saypha here). There is also a manual with precautions for use. It is worth mentioning that the injection should be performed by a doctor who has undergone special training and is proficient in injection general practice. The composition of the product is a gel of increased sterility, used in the process of correcting folds, wrinkles and excessive lines. It is also used to improve the volume of the lips. 

When it comes to filling in the folds that are in the frontal furrows, as well as improving the volume of the lips, the composition is introduced into the deep and middle layers of the skin. After that, you cannot visit places with high humidity (swimming pools, baths, saunas), stay in the direct sunlight or use any cosmetics for a period of one or even two weeks. 

The product offers the following advantages:

  • high level of sterility;
  • optimal level of viscosity;
  • sufficient elasticity;
  • lack of color. 

It is cost affordable, has a lot of indications and minimum restrictions.


In contrast to Saypha, Restylane has more indications for use, there are several types of this product and many analogues. Restylane is used in contour plasty. One of its advantages is that it can retain moisture in the area of the injection site. The product is indispensable when it is necessary to bring the skin back to its earlier characteristics such as elasticity, resilience and smoothness.

Hyaluronic acid is the main component of the product. This is a special substance of physiological nature, which is present in the tissues of the human body. In this regard, the preparation is widely and successfully used in the biorevitalization process. Injections through the use of this preparation are given in the following areas and zones:

  • décolleté;
  • facial area;
  • the outer side of the hand;
  • neck. 

By using these injections you can get rid of the following problems and difficulties:

  • excessive flabbiness of the facial contours;
  • sagging of the skin in the chin area and cheeks;
  • asymmetrical shape of the lips or their insufficient volume;
  • increased skin fat content;
  • excessively shiny skin;
  • small and medium wrinkles;  
  • dark circles appearing in the area around the eyes.

The effect after the use of the product lasts 12-18 months. 


Do not use the product in the event of inflammation of the skin, as well as after other procedures relating to cosmetology, such as laser skin resurfacing or mechanical cleaning. Diabetes mellitus, pregnancy, blood clotting disorders and cancer are also contraindications.

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