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6 Reasons Why People Are Having Laser Tattoo Removal Utica NY

Do you have a tattoo that reminds you of something unpleasant, and you now totally regret having it? If you do, don't worry because you're not alone in that. Tattoo removal is actually just as popular as getting inked. After all, mistakes do not come early on. This isn't to say, however, that everyone who got tattoos regret it later on. Many others are still happy with what they have, although some may need to get theirs removed for a number of reasons.

That said, here are some of the other common reasons why people have tattoo removal services done:

  1. They Have Outgrown Their Tattoo

This applies to those who are looking to have old tattoos removed. Perhaps in your youth, you've had a tattoo done, and it was fun until it lasted. But now that you've grown older, and perhaps changed your perspective, you realize that looking at your tattoo no longer makes you happy. Perhaps you've outgrown the tattoo, or the things or emotions that they symbolize. It can also be that your tattoo doesn’t fit your personal style anymore. When you feel like your tattoo no longer suits the season in your life, then perhaps it's about time to have it removed by a reputable clinic such as A&E SNY.

  1. They Are Unhappy With Their Tattoo

This applies to those who have just gotten a tattoo, but are unhappy with the outcome as it isn't what they have initially imagined. Perhaps your tattoo was haphazardly done, or it was made by an artist who offered a cheaper rate, which also translated to lesser expertise. Especially if your tattoo has consistently been receiving negative feedback from family and friends, this can result in a feeling of regret and embarrassment. When you're continuously embarrassed instead of being happy and confident with your tattoo, you’ll likely end up feeling miserable and ugly. The solution? Have it removed.

  1. Their Tattoo Didn't “Age Gracefully”

This is a classic example of muscular people with big tattoos on their forearm. When you age, you certainly won't be as buff anymore. And when your body starts to show signs of aging, your tattoo will undeniably also begin to age. Unfortunately for many, your tattoo may not age as gracefully as you’ve initially expected. The colors will fade, and the shape will change. Instead of looking attractive, it may end up looking distorted or disfigured due to the changes in your muscle mass as well as skin elasticity—hence the need for a laser tattoo removal.

  1. They Need It Removed For Their Job

While more and more employers are getting more liberal about tattoos, there are some industries, however, that have a strict policy against visible tattoos. Note the classification of the word "visible." This means that, yes, you can still keep those tattoos for as long as your uniform hides them. But if it's visible, then chances are your employer or human resource manager is going to require you to have it removed.

For instance, in the airline industry, flight attendants aren't permitted to have any visible tattoos. This is because of the nature of the job, where you have to look as neat, formal, and polished as possible. Especially when serving different people and cultures on a plane, you don't want to offend any passenger because of a tattoo that you may have. If you're planning to enter a career wherein visible tattoos aren't welcome, then it's about time for you to have that laser tattoo removal done.

  1. They Want More Tattoos Done!

This fifth and last reason might seem strange but, yes, this happens. Some individuals go through a laser tattoo removal procedure because they want to have more tattoos done. Perhaps they want to replace an old and fading tattoo with a brand-new one. But instead of drawing immediately over it, they want to start with a clean slate. Hence, they have it removed, only to have it replaced with a newer tattoo later on.

Apart from an aging tattoo that they want to replace, keep in mind that your body as a  canvas can only accept a minimum area of tattoos. Even if you fancy big tattoos, your body can only take so much. To make room for more tattoos, therefore, some individuals opt to have older ones removed to replace them with newer ones. After all, for others, a tattoo is a form of self-expression. They perceive themselves as more attractive because of their tattoos, hence the desire to have more, and newer ones at that.

  1. They Want To Move On In Life

Another one of the common reasons people have their tattoos removed is that they want to move on with their life. Some tattoos remind people of their past relationship, which may have eventually led to a divorce, or the passing away of a spouse or partner. Because of this, they may feel that they can't move on peacefully with their lives if they can always see a visible reminder of what they want to forget. In these instances, tattoo removal is one of the best ways to start moving on.

For others, some tattoos may remind them of their troubled past, unwanted affiliations, or a problematic era in their life that they now wish to walk away from. Thus, a laser tattoo removal can be the best solution.


While tattoos are considered an art form and a means to express oneself by many people, it’s undeniable that there’s still some social stigma around tattoos. Individuals and institutions have become more open-minded about them, but there are still those who may want to get rid of their tattoos. But whatever your reason is for having your tattoo removed, you're in good hands because there are now numerous clinics and salons that offer this service. Thanks to technology, tattoo removal is also less painful with laser procedures in place. If you live around Utica, New York, you're in even better luck because numerous clinics offer this service. Albeit costly, if it's something that you want to be done, then it's an expense that's going to be worth it.

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