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How To Dress Like Meghan Markle

The nation has gone crazy for the newest member of the royal family and no, we’re not talking about baby Archie. Meghan Markle has won over our hearts and now we’d really like to win over her wardrobe! When it comes to her outfits the Duchess of Sussex has been known to flout royal tradition (though not too aggressively of course) and this only makes us love her more.

Her style is sophisticated and modern, ensuring she always looks elegant. Best of all, her classic wardrobe is easy to replicate, you just need to buy yourself some trusty basics and learn how to pair them up. Not sure where to start? Check out this guide from

Dress it up

Whether on a royal outing or a re-run of Suits, Meghan sure knows how to pull off a pencil skirt. As royal protocol requires, she tends to opt for the mid-length skirt and you can do just the same. This look is perfect whether you're going to work, to a meeting or out for dinner, you can channel your inner Meghan and prove that this timeless look is anything but boring.

Then, when it comes to choosing a dress the Duchess shows off her elegance once more. Keeping it mid-length, look for flowing sheaths, A-line dresses or wraps. Meghan herself tends to favour block colours such as pink blush, black or navy and you must always keep your silhouette in mind, form-fitting dresses are the key to replicating her style and sophistication.

It’s not all about skirts

Unlike the Queen, Meghan isn't always seen in skirts or dresses, quite the opposite in fact. On many occasions the Duchess has been photographed out in trousers, whether that’s light wash skinny jeans or wide-leg pants.

If you want to copy Meghan’s more casual (albeit just as elegant) look, then you’ll need to invest in some classic skinny jeans. Just be sure that these graze the ankle and your waistline sits just below your belly button. For more formal occasions or for workwear, you can replicate her royal style by choosing a pant suit or wide-leg trousers. Once again, ensure that these hem at the ankle for a sophisticated look.

What to wear on top

Another iconic look from Ms Markle is a crisp shirt with her sleeves rolled up. To copy this classic look opt for a loose button down shirt in a simple, clean colour like white or light blue. Meghan usually wears long sleeves but rolls these up, but you can achieve a similar look with three-quarter length sleeves if this is more your style. You can pair your shirt with light washed skinny jeans and pumps for a more relaxed look, or trousers and heels for more formal occasions.

The Duchess is also recognised for her necklines. As her wedding dressed proves she is fond of a bardot neckline and tops or dresses of this style will always leave you feeling royal. But in complete contrast, she also rocks a turtle neck. These can be perfect for layering your outfits, especially as workwear or in the chilly winter months. It’s best to stick to darker colours like navy, black or green, and choose a close fit, but not so tight as to be too revealing.

Make it more formal

Another part of Meghan’s signature style is dressing up her outfits with a blazer. For business or formal occasions she can be seen rocking a fitted jacket with trousers, or a blazer draped nonchalantly over her shoulders when paired with a dress. If you plan to add a blazer to your outfit, be sure that you choose the right style to match.

Find a classic coat

As well as blazers, Meghan Markle has the perfect coat for every occasion. She knows just how to keep her look minimalist and sophisticated, while protecting her from the Great British weather. What’s more, coats are the perfect way to add dimension to any outfit, so Meghan often chooses a colour that contrasts with what she’s wearing. For example, if she’s wearing nude or pink blush she might opt for a trench coat in a darker grey.

To get this look, choose from trenches or pea coats, or find yourself a neutral wrap coat. Double breasted jackets are perfect for the colder months and in the wetter seasons choose a thick raincoat that stops just below your hips. 

Accessorise like a princess

Sadly accessorising like a princess doesn't mean going out for dinner in your finest tiara. Meghan is the queen (well, princess) of choosing simple but effective accessories to complete her outfits. When it comes to footwear, she’s  big fan of pumps and heels, but on more casual days she can also been seen wearing trainers and tennis shoes. When choosing your royal-inspired footwear remember that your heels can’t be too high and that you should keep them in classic colours such as black or nude.

You might not have the giant royal rock that Meghan wears on her wedding finger, but you can certainly mimic the rest of her jewellery style. The Duchess wears thin elegant bands, perhaps two or three at a time. Choose whether these are gold or silver based on your outfit. Layering your rings can make them look more interesting without being too over the top.

While royals rarely have the need to carry a bag, the younger royals have been known to do so. That said, you’d never see Meghan out and about with a weekend bag or a huge backpack! As such, it’s best to stick with smaller clutch or tote bags that matches your outfit. Solid colours add to the simplistic and sophisticated look you're trying to achieve, and though you can’t go wrong with a rectangle, Meghan has also been photographed carrying circular bags.

Finally, the Duchess has been known to break royal protocol by wearing a small across-the-body bag as well. Just make sure you don't choose anything too big or unsightly - elegant and classy is the key.

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