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Fight Your Couperouse Like a Boss

Couperose is perhaps among the most annoying cosmetic defects. Unlike acne, irritation or rash, it won’t go anywhere by itself. If you have this net of tiny red vessels on your face, no matter what you eat or drink, it just stays like this. The capillary net can be barely seen or make your entire face look red.

Is Couperose and Rosacea One and the Same Thing?

Couperose is often mixed up with rosacea. It’s not exactly one and the same. Couperose is considered a type of rosacea but it has differences. First, rosacea is inflammatory - there can be aggravation and remission. Also, it includes rash and changes in the skin surface - it becomes uneven and covered by rash-like spots.

Couperose doesn’t change the structure and surface of the skin, doesn’t go through the “aggravation-remission” cycle. It just stays the way it is. The only possible changes in this condition are connected to the increase in the number of broken capillaries.

The problem of couperose is deeper than just the skin - it’s about the strength and elasticity of the vessels. They start being visible when they’re broken. Does this mean that you're doomed to have a skin like this? No! Couperose can and should be treated. Moreover, if it isn’t treated, the problem will expand.

Is Couperose Dangerous?

Couperose itself isn’t a symptom of a disease, but there’s something you should know about it. Some studies link such a condition of vessels to increased risks of heart disease. Can couperose be called a symptom of heart disease? Not exactly.

In many cases, couperose is genetically conditioned similar to some heart diseases. If someone in your family had couperose and/or heart disease, that may mean an increased risk for you. But the risk doesn’t necessarily end up with the disease. It’s just a cause to lead a healthier way of life, check your heart more often and pay more attention to prevention of heart disease.

Cosmetic Treatment Options for Couperose

There are several options to treat couperose in office. Depending on your budget and individual health conditions you can choose among intense pulsed light, laser or ozone therapy and peeling.

Laser therapy

A laser is helpful in treating multiple skin defects including rosacea and couperose. You shouldn't be afraid of it - it will affect only the damaged and broken vessels without touching a single healthy cell. It’s very important not to be exposed to sunlight after the procedure and stick to the specialists' recommendations. You’ll have to repeat the course regularly.

Intense pulsed light

The principle of work is the same but there is a difference. Intense pulsed light’s effect is based on the phototherapy. Its action is a bit gentler and can be an option when your case of couperose isn’t that severe. You will need several courses to remove the vessel net, and there’s no guarantee it won’t come back again in case of an unhealthy lifestyle.


Peeling won’t remove the redness of the broken capillaries but will improve the skin’s condition. It increases the blood circulation and nutrition in the skin and this helps make the broken vessels less visible.

Ozone therapy

This is the procedure for the most neglected cases of couperose that had gone too far. The ozone is injected into the damaged parts of the skin. This helps to get rid of the annoying red net for a longer time.

Home Remedies for Couperose

You can’t completely get rid of couperose at home but you can strengthen the vessel walls from both the inside and outside. Healthy food, fresh air, and exercises improve all the vascular conditions and will reduce the risk of heart disease. There are also special facial exercises that can help you with this. 

It’s also important not to let your skin be exposed to extreme temperatures. Overheating can worsen your skin condition the same as overcooling will. You will also need gentler skincare products not to damage your fragile vessels. Try to avoid those that contain alcohol. Be also careful with drinking alcohol - it is bad for your vessels including the facial ones.

Couperose is a complex condition that requires a comprehensive solution. It is important not to overlook anything that can benefit your skin and vascular condition. Don’t forget to visit a cardiologist regularly even if you have already solved the problem of couperose, just to control the situation.

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