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Five Simple Steps to Aid Muscle Recovery

If you are trying to get in shape for Christmas, you may be sticking to a strict diet and workout regime. However, rest periods are almost as important as the workouts themselves and if you don’t give your muscles time to recover, the time you are putting in at the gym could be counterproductive. With this in mind, here are five simple steps to aid muscle recovery.

Schedule Rest Days

In order to allow your muscles the recovery time they need to heal, it is wise to schedule rest days into your weekly workout plan. It is natural to want to see the results of your hard work straight away but taking the time to let your body recover will help to prevent injury and ensure that you are ready to perform to the max when your next session arrives. Planning a rest day into your weekly workouts will reduce the risk of chronic fatigue syndrome so whether you are training for a marathon or lifting weights, recovery should be a part of your plan.

Try Yoga

We are all guilty of forgetting to stretch out properly after a gruelling workout and as a result our workouts can suffer. Post workout stretching can increase flexibility and create longer, leaner physique. Incorporating a weekly yoga session into your workout plan can increase your flexibility and offer additional toning benefits and improved posture.

Stock up on Recovery Foods

Did you know that the contents of your fridge could aid muscle recovery? The food that you eat after a workout should contain the necessary nutrients that your muscles need to rebuild. Eating meals with a 2.1 carbohydrate and protein ratio will refuel your energy sources and allow your muscles to grow stronger.

Press Snooze

Getting your beauty sleep is all part and parcel of looking and feeling good but when it comes to muscle recovery it is even more important. This is the time when your body recovers so it is important to make sure that you get a sufficient amount each night.

Give Sports Massage a Go

If you are training for a fitness event, sports massage can help to improve blood flow and help you to stay injury free. Investing in the help of a sport massage specialist like Black Swan Osteopathy can help you to improve muscle tone, lymphatic flow and leave your body feeling relaxed.

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