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Burst With Beauty During The Christmas Party Season

November is creeping up, and this means that the Christmas party season will be here within the blink of an eye. If you are anxious at the thought of braving those winter months in your LBD then think about how you can make some small changes in the next month that will have you looking tip-top for the party season.

Small Changes Make All The Difference

Most of us wince when we hear the word diet. It conjures up images of lettuce leaves, grumbling stomachs, and general misery. It can be time consuming and confusing when trying to count calories. Ever found yourself staring at the yogurt chillers in the supermarket comparing dozens of low-fat, low sugar, brands with information that you can’t make head or tail of?

The simplest thing is to start off at looking realistically at all the things that you eat so you can see what you can cut out. Some people don’t even realise that those two choccy biccies with their mid-afternoon cuppa are adding an extra 700 calories to their weekly intake. Nutracheck is a handy food diary that lets you establish exactly how many calories you are eating per day; it also helps you get in touch with your ‘trigger’ foods, encouraging you to break the cycle of unhelpful emotional eating.

Shake Things Up a Little

Combine your new diet with some extra exercise to combat anxiety, tone up your figure and refresh your mind. Instead of feeling glum at the prospect of sweating it out on the running machine for half an hour, then maybe take some fun classes as an alternative? Gyms offer everything from Zumba to Street dance, and this can make your workout feel less of a chore and more of a social activity to do with friends.

Reveal Your Inner Gorgeous Goddess

Pampering yourself is also essential. Finding the right dress to really accentuate your gorgeous figure will make you feel confident and sexy. Paint your nails in glittering gold and be creative with your nail art, and keep your skin and hair glowing.

Everyone knows that if you are happy and content on the inside then you will emanate beauty and radiance. Try to nourish yourself with some creative time doing things that make you smile. Have some time to yourself, read some books, go for a lovely walk, or do some quiet meditation. Being in touch with yourself and being happy within makes your beauty shine through, this will make you the most irresistible girl at the Christmas party.

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