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Everything You Need To Know About Looking Younger


There is only so much all the different creams and serums on the market can do to help us look youthful. So there is no wonder that many of us are choosing to go under the knife to turn back the years. Cosmetic surgery is a very effective way to look younger. And the best thing is, its results usually last.

Deciding on plastic surgery is a big commitment. After all, you will probably need to have a major operation, and the recovery time can be quite long. You will also have to take some time to consider all the various treatments available properly. Think about which one will give you the best results within your budget.

But there are always ways to look younger without going under the knife. From over-the-counter creams and face masks to non-invasive chemical peels. You will certainly be surprised at the effect a good-quality anti-wrinkle cream can have on your face! After using one for just a few months, you will look considerably younger. Want to know what all your options for looking younger are? Read on to find out more.


  • Cosmetic Surgery

Even the best makeup artist will find it difficult to make you look young and refreshed after you’ve hit a certain age. This is when a facelift can help. Not only will a facelift help you look younger, but it can also give you an alert appearance and make your skin much tighter and smoother. The procedure will work wonders on the lower half of your face, even on your neck! A facelift will not prevent your face from aging. However, you will certainly look younger than if you had not had the surgery.  When considering a facelift, it is always best to remember that it is a big operation, one which you will be asleep for. Before you book a consultation with a plastic surgeon, speak to your family doctor about it. He will be able to give you unbiased advice. Once you have finally made your mind up, it is key to research all the different surgeons who offer the procedure in your area. Each cosmetic surgeon will specialize in certain treatments and some might not even perform facelifts. Once you have picked one, book a consultation so you can talk through the procedure with them and they can inform you of any possible side effects.

Breast implants will also help you look pert and, therefore, younger. The only downside with breast surgery is the recovery time. The recovery period doesn’t end once you are out of hospital. You will be required to take things very easy upon your return home, as your chest will still be sore. One other important thing to point out is that your breasts may not look natural straight after the surgery. But this is very common, and they will return to a regular shape a couple of months after the surgery. There is a lot more information to take in if you are considering breast implants. You can learn more from ROXY Plastic Surgery.


  • Moisturizers

Moisturizers are a great help to your skin. And they can be easily incorporated into your skin care routine. All you need to do is remember to apply one to your face at least once a day, even twice if you have time. You will find moisturizer especially effective if you suffer from dry skin. But your choice of cream will depend on your skin type. There are three possible skin types that you may have: oily, dry, and combination. When you are out looking for a moisturizer, you will find different ones tailored to each type of skin. So make sure you pick one that is suitable for you.

So how does a moisturizer help you look so young? Well, it’s all about replenishing the skin’s moisture. Each day our skin has to deal with a lot of issues, as extreme weather conditions, harsh chemicals, and makeup. Over time, these will dry out your face and cause it to sag and become wrinkled. By applying moisturizer, you are replenishing all your face’s natural moisture. Dry skin which was once scaly and flaky will now look soft and supple. Not only that, but it will reflect light much better, which can help it to appear bright and youthful.

The main thing to remember when buying moisturizer is to find one that matches your skin. It could take you a couple of goes with different brands to find one that suits you. Pick the wrong one, and your face could become oily, spotty, or dried out. Don’t give up your search for the right moisturizer, though; it certainly is worth it! If you use your moisturizer along with a good night cream and anti-wrinkle cream, you will notice even better results!


  • Chemical Face Peel

If you daren’t go under the knife but want something more permanent than what creams can offer, there are a few non-invasive cosmetic procedures that can help you turn back the clock. The results, however, do not last as long as those from invasive surgery. You may be required to keep going back, again and again, to slow down the aging process. One of the most common non-invasive treatments is a chemical face peel. It is much like a facemask. However, the peel uses chemicals to take away the top layer of dead skin from your face. Think of it as a professional exfoliation! It works much deeper than exfoliating creams you can buy over the counter. Chemical face peels aren’t only used by those who want to look younger. They are also great at fighting against acne.

If you are interested in having a chemical face peel, you will need to speak to a dermatologist. He will examine your skin to make sure that it is suitable for the treatment. During a consultation, the dermatologist will talk you through the whole procedure. As you will be awake for the treatment, there is no need for you to stay in hospital overnight. The recovery period is very quick and you will only experience soreness for a couple of days afterwards. To maintain the results, you will need to go back for repeat face peels. Most people return to their dermatologist every 6 months. It is also important to remember that a good skin care routine can help the results last longer. By using high-quality moisturizers, serums, and night creams, you can look younger for longer and won’t need to have a peel quite as often.


  • Collagen Injections

Another beauty treatment for those who don’t want cosmetic surgery. Collagen fillers are an effective way to get silky soft and smooth skin. To understand how these injections work, you need to have a good idea of what our skin is made up of. There are three layers of our skin: the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous tissue layer. Collagen injections target the middle layer, the dermis. This layer is made up of blood vessels, hair follicles, nerves, and a protein called collagen. The collagen is there to create fibers around which the cells and blood vessels grow. It is basically a supporting structure for the whole skin. So, as you can see, it is a very vital aspect of the face.

As we grow older, this layer of collagen will start to break down. It will become weaker because of all the facial expressions we make. And because of many other factors, like the environmental impact on our face. As the collagen wears down, our face develops wrinkles and lines. Eventually, it will also sag. But this is where the collagen injections come in. They simply increase the skin’s levels of natural collagen. After you have had the injections, you will almost immediately notice that your skin feels firmer. Wrinkles will be ironed out, and there will be less sagging around the jawline. It’ll look like you never aged in the first place!


If you are thinking about getting collagen injections, you will need to speak to your dermatologist first. They will examine your skin to see if it is suitable and will also let you know which areas of the face are most in need of them. After the consultation, they will determine whether you are okay to go ahead and book an appointment with them for the injections. During the procedure, they may first inject your face with a mild anesthetic. However, most of the time they will simply inject the collagen. There is hardly any recovery time for this non-invasive treatment. In fact, many people choose to have theirs done during their lunch hour! Your face may feel slightly sore the following day, but there should be minimal redness and swelling. The best thing of all, though, is you’ll instantly look younger!

Has this blog post has piqued your interest in looking younger? Why not think about booking a consultation with a surgeon or dermatologist. They will be able to talk you through your best options!

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