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13 Interesting facts about tattoos you probably didn't know

Tattoos have been about for as long as the human race, because of their widespread use there are some interesting stories associated with them! Here we have 13 facts for you to ponder that might just make you think about testing the idea of getting a tattoo. is a great place to buy temporary tattoos is you want to try a tattoo, but not forever!

  • There is a Tattoo artist in Baltimore who specializes in creating realistic looking nipple for women who have survived breast cancer! He is well experienced and professionally tattoos areolas for women who have lost theirs due to a mastectomy.
  • Stephen Baldwin is an American actor. In an attempt to score a cameo role on the hit kid’s show Hannah Montana, he had the initials HM tattooed on his shoulder. He never got the cameo role and since has admitted his regret of the tattoo.
  • Clean Slate Org is a charity in the United States which offers discounted rates for former gang members to have their tattooed affiliations to the gangs removed at a discount price.
  • Back in Soviet Russia, prisoners would often get the images of Lenin and Stalin tattooed onto their chests. This was because it was illegal for soldiers to shoot at images of their national leaders!
  • The fellowship of the ring, made up of the 9 actors who played the on screen heroes from The Lord of The Rings trilogy all had the number 9 tattooed on them. Apart from Gimli, who arranged for his stunt double to have the tattoo instead.
  • The oldest found mummified body in the world is Otzi the iceman, He is thousands of years old and has numerous tattoos including a cruciform mark behind his right knee.
  • Apeldoorn Zoo, in the Netherlands has quite an interesting orangutan. The male will never show interest in mating with females of its own species, instead all of his sexual interest is towards blonde women with tattoos who work for the zoo!
  • Japan often bans people with tattoos from visiting beaches and bathhouses if they have tattoos. This is linked to the heavily tattooed Japanese mafia called the Yakuza
  • German SS members during WW2 had their blood types tattooed onto their arm in case of a medical emergency. After the war finished these tattoos were used as identifying features when arresting the SS for war crimes.
  • Sailors with tattoos are a bit of a stereotype these days. They originated from US sailors getting tattoos to prove their identities so they wouldn't be forced the join the Royal Navy, who would force prisoners to join its ranks.
  • The typical black ink used for tattoos is usually made with pigments from charred animal bones!
  • Cristiano Ronaldo refuses to get a tattoo as he often gives blood. If he was to be tattooed he would have to wait 6 months for the skin to heal in order to give more!
  • Native Japanese women would often tattoo huge red lips across their faces during a traditional coming of age celebration.

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