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5 Winter Must-Have Accessories That Every Woman Should Own

It’s time once again for the layered styles that dominate winter-wear, and you’re no doubt excited to check out the latest fashions in order to update your wardrobe. But in your fervor to find sweaters, flannels, fleece, and faux fur to flesh out your ensembles, you may neglect the accessories that will amp up your personal style, as well as keep you warm during the cold, winter months. So here are just a few must-haves that every woman should add to her wardrobe.

  1. Scarves. The wonderful thing about scarves, aside from the fact that they protect your otherwise exposed neck, is that you can get one for every occasion. During the winter your scarves will serve a utilitarian function, keeping you warm. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pick them up in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to go with every outfit, or at least every jacket. And lightweight versions can also be used during the fall and spring to accent your evening outfits or stand in for jewelry like necklaces.
  2. Gloves. Your extremities will be the first part of your body to feel the effects of freezing winter temperatures, so you’ll definitely want to protect your hands. Mittens are probably your best bet, but they’re not terribly fashionable after about the age of five. Instead, opt for the popular fingerless glove/mitten combo where the mitten portion folds back so that you can use your fingers for tasks that require dexterity as needed (say, searching for your car keys or buttoning a jacket) and then enjoy the warming benefits of your mittens. Of course, these are more of a day-to-day item. You may also want to purchase a pair of soft, leather driving gloves with a fur- or fleece-lined interior to pair with nicer outfits.
  3. Hats. It’s time to put away the flashy fedoras of summer and switch to knit caps that are going to keep your body heat from escaping through your head. Although every season seems to bring new trends, you can’t go wrong with a classic, knit tam in a soft, fuzzy, wool blend that offers both style and warmth. You’ll want to select one that’s a little large and slouchy so that you can push it back or pull it to the side for a style that suits you.
  4. Boots. While you might want to skip the oversized winter boots that are sure to provide the most warmth for your tootsies, you don’t necessarily have to give up style in order to keep your feet warm this winter. By purchasing boots half a size big, you can get the fashion-forward look you crave and still have room for smart wool socks that are sure to keep frostbite at bay.
  5. Shades. You might not think that the sunglasses that dominate the summer months are necessary in winter, but bright sunlight reflecting on winter snow can lead to eye-searing conditions. So it’s in your best interest to protect your eyes accordingly. That said, you don’t necessarily want to whip out the candy-colored wayfarers or stark, black shades of summer, both of which will stand out in all the wrong ways when paired with subdued, winter ensembles. Think about picking up some of the frosted frames that look to be popular this season, or head to the Silvano website for a selection of winter appropriate shades (white or light-colored frames, blue-tinted lenses, etc.) that are sure to fit right in with your winter wardrobe.

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