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5 Full-Figured Bride Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Just because you don’t fit into the sample size dress, doesn’t mean you cannot find a beautiful dress that you will feel fantastic wearing. Gone are the days when dresses only came in tiny, specific styles. Today full figured brides have just as much selection to choose from and can have their gown tailored to fit them perfectly so that you can have the dress of your dreams for your big day.

  1. First, be sure to determine and set your budget. Once you have calculated a reasonable affordable budget that your bank account can handle, you need to stick to it strictly. Often full figured bridal gowns cost most because of the additional material as well as the costs associated with fitting and tailoring for the dress, so factor these expenses into your budget up front. Avoid trying dresses on that fall outside of your price range, even if you’re trying just for fun. You may end up falling in love with a dress that you truly cannot afford which can be crushing to a bride and can make other gowns seem dull in comparison.
  2. Know that most women wear a larger size in wedding gowns than they do in normal, everyday clothing. This is okay–do not be alarmed! Bridal sizes typically run smaller than regular clothing sizes, and a plus-sized woman is considered anyone who wear a size 14 or higher in normal clothes and is a 16 in bridal gowns (which happens to be the average size of American women). Be aware that most bridal shops may only carry sample sizes in an 8,10 or 12 so you will want to call a bridal shop ahead to make sure that they can cater to your dress needs.
  3. Choose fabrics that will be most flattering for your shape and size. Often materials such as target are ideal for curvy brides because they are thicker in material and smooth everything over for a sleeker look. Also, try to look for a dress with a capped sleeve or a thick strap for more support. Finally, avoid dresses with lots of beads or appliques, which may draw to much attention to areas you wish to minimize.
  4. Find a dress with a flattering silhouette. Once you know your body shape you can determine which shape is ideal. Top-heavy brides with a figure in the shape of an hourglass can accentuate their luscious curves with a trumpet silhouette. For women who are bottom heavy, an A-line dress is ideal. Be sure to work with a professional who specializes in full bodied wedding gowns who is familiar with body types and can help you find dresses that will play up and emphasize your best features.
  5. Finally, exude confidence. If you are feeling insecure or unconfident, you will not be able to enjoy the shopping or buying process fully. Own the experience and be happy in your own skin. Learning to love yourself just as you are and just the way your future spouse does will allow you to embrace the gown search and feel your best from the inside out! Confidence and positivity make any outfit complete.

If you stick to these bridal gown shopping trips while shopping at DressFirst or any bridal shop, you will be able to feel great, enjoy the experience, and find the dress of your dreams as a full-figured bride. Be sure to set a practical budget, try on dresses in your price range, understand that gown sizes run small, choose flattering fabrics and dress shapes, and exude confidence for a successful and memorable shopping trip.

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