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5 Benefits of Purchasing a Used Wedding Dress

Buying your wedding dress is often one of the most important details for the big day. Many women have dreamt of their perfect dress since they were children, and looking for this dream dress is an emotional as well as expensive decision. In order to find unique options and save some money, more and more women are beginning to choose to purchase used wedding dresses instead of buying a traditional retail dress at the store for full price. Here are 5 benefits of purchasing a used wedding dress to consider during your dress hunt.

  1. Buying a used wedding dress is an excellent way to cut back on wedding expenses so that you have more money available to spend on things like food, favors, entertainment, or the venue. Wedding dresses are sometimes the most expensive part of a wedding. You will only be wearing this dress once–is it really worth forking over thousands of dollars? Instead, used dresses are marked down significantly from retail. Plus, since women only wear wedding dresses once, this dress will likely look just like new for a fraction of the cost.
  2. You will be able to choose from more unique options. Most wedding dress stores have very similar dresses in stock, if not the exact same ones. It is therefore very difficult to find something that will allow you to stand out and look different than other brides. Used dresses can come in vintage styles, imported options or even extremely modern styles that are not available in retail stores. In addition you may even be able to find a designer dress that you wouldn’t have been able to afford brand new.
  3. Find a size that fits your body best. Often used wedding dresses come in a wider array of sizes and fits so that you are able to find a dress that fits you like a glove. In addition, the money you save on a used dress will allow you to spend a bit more for alterations or hemming so the dress is just right. You may also be able to make significant alterations to the dress to achieve a particular style or design such as a specific neckline, straps, or even additional beading.
  4. Used dresses provide you with more flexibility. When shopping for a used wedding dress, prices are often up for negotiation. In a retail store, sales associates must sell the dress for a specified price and may only be able to give you slight discounts in certain circumstances. When shopping for a used dress, you will be able to work out a deal with the seller to get your dress down to the lowest price possible.
  5. Buying used dresses is actually very eco-friendly. You will be recycling not only the plastic bottles in your kitchen, but also the dress you wear on your wedding day. Used wedding dresses help the environment since they are green and sustainable options, which allow brides to cycle dresses and re-use them instead of buying brand new.

Buying a used wedding dress provides a bride with numerous benefits. Instead of paying top dollar for a retail gown you saw in, you can find a very similar dress, that has been used, for a fraction of the cost! This will save you a great deal of money that can instead be put towards other wedding expenses. In addition you will feel great in your gown knowing it is eco-friendly and the perfect fit for your body.

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