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Summer Beauty Guide: Five Ways to Give Yourself a Makeover

As the summer season officially gets underway, we’ll all be eager to strut our stuff and make the most of the warm weather. For women, this can mean anything from updating your wardrobe and investing in a new haircut to undertaking more permanent treatments – and here is our guide to the top five ways to give yourself a makeover this summer.

1. Dental treatment

Kicking things off with an unusual option, dental treatment is actually a top choice for giving yourself a summer makeover. When it comes to our appearances, our teeth are often overlooked, but you’d be surprised just what a difference they make to how you look.

Regular dental checkups should be part of your normal health routine, but you can also opt for more cosmetic treatments if you desire. Teeth veneers or whitening services are especially popular and if well maintained, can last for a long time.

2. Fake tan

Moving onto something more commonplace, fake tan is another great option for those looking for a healthy makeover idea. Exposure to sunlight and tanning beds can cause numerous skin complaints and potential illnesses, so get the bronzed look without the risks by going down the fake tan route.

Professional salons offer fantastic results with various shades available so that you can keep things looking natural, but tinted moisturisers are also a good idea for those who want to build a subtle colour.

3. Laser eye surgery

If you’re plagued by glasses and contact lenses, then why not do something about it this summer? Eyes are often described as the windows to our soul, so give the world an uninterrupted view by opting for laser eye surgery.

You’ll need to weigh up the cost of treatment and potential risks against the benefits, but the vast majority of procedures are completed successfully with little or no complications. Reputable firms like Optimax offer a range of surgery options with fantastic aftercare facilities so you get the best possible treatment.

4. Laser hair removal

Whilst on the subject of lasers, why not use these fantastic tools to banish unwanted body hair? A constant calendar of shaving and waxing can be a real chore during the summer months, and laser hair removal is far more convenient. Treatment can last for months, depending on the coarseness of the hair and the type of skin.

5. New haircut

Ending our list with something fun, why not treat yourself to a new haircut in celebration of the warmer weather? Now is the perfect time to ditch those split ends and give your hair a decent cut to encourage growth, so take a look through fashion magazines and see what you fancy. You could also combine the cut with a deep conditioning treatment to help keep your locks frizz free and protected from the sun.

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