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5 Tips for Finding Fashionable Frames to Fit the Shape of Your Face

Finding sunglasses can be difficult and finding the right pair to fit your face can feel like an impossible task. Most of us – we assume – are not sunglass or eyeglass people. Because of this, we automatically assume that no pair, no matter what, will ever fit. This defeatist attitude is similar to the one adopted by people who believe they will never find a hat that fits them right – because they’re not “hat people.” However, the difference lies in the fact that most people don’t need hats to have clear vision, which is the catch 22. The quandary: I need glasses, but how do I find a pair that fits my face? Here are five tips for finding fashionable frames to fit the shape of your face.

  1. Use the eyebrow method. You might not think your eyebrows have any real function in today’s modern world, but they certainly do. You can use your eyebrows as a way to decide whether a pair of glasses or sunglasses fit your face. Typically, if the top frame of the glasses goes over your eyebrows, it doesn’t fit. You want at least half the width of your eyebrow to be showing.
  2. Color is important. The color of a particular pair of shades or eyeglasses can play an integral role in whether or not they fit your face. This is because of skin tone. Some glasses react differently according to the skin tone of individual faces. Typically, light brown glasses look best on people with light skin tones – anything darker and it will stand out too much. Darker sunglasses look best on people with darker skin tones, because it appears much more natural. And when it comes to bright, fluorescent colors, like bright yellow or blue, you simply have to be brave – those colors don’t work for everyone.
  3. Understand the different shapes of sunglasses and eyeglasses. Some frames have more sharp edges and some have more round edges – some are more rectangular and some are squarer. Depending on the shape of your face, only one or two of those shapes will look the best. Typically the shape of the glasses will follow the shape of your face. If you have harder features, sometimes a more round frame will look the best. It’s really a matter of trial and error.
  4. Some sunglass and eyeglass frames are bigger than others. If you like a certain pair of shades or eyeglasses, but they are too big, ask for them in a different size. Glasses come in different millimeter size increments – usually between 40 and 70 mm. For instance, if you have a smaller face, you want to go with a smaller frame. So, don’t immediately put down a pair because it doesn’t fit you, that style in a bigger or smaller size might.
  5. Stick with the classics. Sometimes a modern shape won’t look good on your face, because the shape is too experimental. Only a few brave fashionistas can get away with a lot of today’s sunglass and eyeglass shapes. If you are shopping at International Eyewear, or anywhere else, look for the more classic shapes, like simple square and round – chances are you’ll look great in them.

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