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Top 5 Tips for a More Kissable Mouth

There’s nothing like holding hands with your significant other while walking in the park, along the beach or even on the couch as you’re watching a move. Then, you look into their eyes and they bring their head in closer to you for a kiss yet you subconsciously pull your head back because whether it was due to something you ate or that you haven’t brushed your teeth since earlier that morning, you feel like your mouth is not the most kissable.

In order to avoid experiencing that kind of awkwardness in the future, we wanted to provide you with five tips for how you can get and keep a more kissable mouth below:

Brush (after every meal). Although our dentists have told us since we were kids that we should brush our teeth after every meal, there are still a lot of us who will only do it in the morning and then at night. But it really is a good idea to carry a toothbrush with you at all times along with some floss and a travel-size tube of toothpaste. That way, your mouth can be fresh and clean no matter where you are.

Brush your tongue too. One of the biggest causes of foul breath is a “dirty” tongue. Remember that all of those taste buds are a breeding ground for bacteria and so you have to give them just as much attention as you would your gums and teeth.

Rinse with water. Sure, you probably know that foods such as onions and garlic can cause your breath to smell less than its best but you might be surprised to know that meat, coffee and even wine can too. That’s because there are certain foods that tend to release certain compounds into the body that can directly contribute to bad breath. Something that you can do to remedy that is to rinse your mouth after each meal and drink. If you want to carry along a portable size of mouthwash, that’s fine but rinsing your mouth out with water is just as ideal because water helps to rebalance your mouth’s pH levels that might have been directly affected by the foods or drinks that you’ve consumed.

Keep it smelling fresh. If you asked a dental office like Comfort Dental Lounge what you can do to keep your mouth kissable, they would probably recommend that you make sure that you keep your breath smelling fresh. Sugarless gum is one route that you can take but chewing on some mint leaves or sucking on a cinnamon stick in some ways is even more effective.

Make sure your lips are not chapped. No one wants to kiss someone with hard, chapped lips so each morning or night, exfoliate your lips with half a spoonful of sugar (it’s great for removing surface layers of dead skin). Then, whether it’s ChapStick, lip gloss or just a dab of coconut oil, apply a bit of it to make your lips soft and supple. That way, you’ll be ready for your next kiss for sure!

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