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Positive and Negatives of Apple Watch Health and Fitness Features

Apple will be releasing a new product in 2015, called the Apple Watch. The Apple watch has been displayed at several new product release functions. One of the nice things about this watch is that it also will include several health and fitness features.

One thing that most people are concerned about is how easy it is to track their health and fitness progress. Apple included many of the health and fitness features into their new watch.

Exercise Reminders

Sometimes keeping up a steady exercise regimen can be hard. One of the Apple Watch’s health and fitness features are reminders. This app is designed to help an individual become more vigilant with their exercise. As well as, keep informed of their activity level; with reminders when you need to keep moving around.

Not only does the Apple Watch have reminders, but it is also designed to help to remind us to stand up. This might not seem like a lot, however it has been noted that there are hazards to a sedentary lifestyle. The watch has the ability to tell the difference between sitting and standing. When an individual sits to long, the watch will remind you to move around.

This new product is especially great for those who love to work out, keep healthy, maybe by even treating yourself to some nutritious acai berries on the way back from your exercising. One of the most fantastic things about the Apple Watch is that you could leave your wallet at home. All you need is a reputable merchant who has set up their terminal with a reputable merchant processing company, such as

Heart Rate Monitor

This is something that so many people are looking into recently. One of the Apple Watch’s health and fitness features is a heart rate monitor. This is a feature that can be usable to anyone, however it will be most useful to those that are avid exercisers. This feature will help you to track your activity levels helping you to gain a complete look of your exercise.


As with any new product there are some negative thoughts.

  • Sleep is considered an important part of health. As there are several digital health and fitness devices, the Apple Watch is not comfortable to sleep in. It also needs to be charged every night, so night wearing is out of the question.
  • Requirements for this device is the iPhone 5 or higher. This is a great ploy to encourage the purchase of newer iPhones. This can also be troublesome for those that are happy with the version of iPhone that they have.

The idea of Apple Watch’s health and fitness features isn’t new. Many individuals will already have their favorite digital workout monitor. Several of these companies already have health and fitness features located in small wrist sized monitors. For the Apple Company combining these features with their iPhone is a whole new design. As time moves along there will be special apps only for the Apple Watch, as is part of the Apple appeal.

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