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Acupuncture for miscarriage

Miscarriage is devastating for every woman. When miscarriages are chronic, the emotional and physical toll it can take on a woman can seem almost insurmountable. Many people think of infertility in terms of the inability to conceive, but frequent miscarriages are also a form of infertility, something that can leave a woman feeling as though something is wrong with her. With the popularity of alternative forms of medicine rising these days, many women who have suffered pregnancy loss are turning to treatments like acupuncture to help them achieve their dreams of becoming a mother.

Western medicine views a person’s internal organs as solid, static parts of the body that provide purely biological functions and are located only one on specific place in the body. Chinese medicine, by contrast, says that organs are not solid entities at all, they are symbols of certain bodily functions and that they are actually interrelated to many emotional, physical and energy processes in the body. For example, problems with the Chinese Spleen could manifest in symptoms such as bruising easily, prolapsed organs and, for purposes of this discussion, frequent miscarriages. The Chinese Spleen is responsible for holding things into place in the body. When there is a problem, things in the body can symbolically fall, resulting in problems such as mental depression, fatigue and even miscarriage.

Acupuncturists treat a sinking Chinese Spleen by strategically choosing acupuncture points that will bolster the spleen, encouraging the energy to flow upwards once again. More than just the application of needles, acupuncture also involves the prescribing of various herbs that are designed to restore the body to optimal functioning. In the case of treating miscarriage, these herbs are designed to move the energy back upward and bolster the spleen’s ability to hold things up and in. A final component to the treatment is guidance in terms of diet. Diet places a big part in the health and functioning of our bodies, and Chinese medicine understands the intricate balance that must be struck in the body in order for all of the body’s systems to work optimally. Fertility and the successful carriage of a pregnancy is dependent upon a diet that is rich in certain things and lacking in others.

The particular combination required of acupuncture points, diet and herbs depends upon the underlying reason for the malfunctioning Chinese spleen. In a woman with an eating disorder, for example, the problem could be rooted in the fact that she is not gaining weight. Foods that are digested and absorbed easily by the body can help the woman gain weight which, in turn, will help to restore the Chinese spleen to its full function. That will help with reducing the risk of miscarriage.

If you are looking for the Massage therapy in Edmonton, you should visit Acupuncture clinic such as that offers a wide variety of treatments to help patients who suffer from a vast array of ailments and conditions, including recurrent miscarriage. Miscarriage can be an emotional and physical roller coaster for most women, but there is hope that can be found in acupuncture treatments.

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