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Methods for Eliminating Dark Spots and Acne Scars

Our faces are usually the first thing people see when we meet them – they are our most exterior and visible representation of who we are as individuals. Our eyebrows tell people when we are surprised, mad or curious and the way our mouth moves can tell people if we are happy, sad or complacent – all with a simple smile or frown. It is really quite remarkable what our faces are capable of communicating – without even saying anything at all. This is why having clear and beautiful skin is so important. Not only can it boost our confidence, but it also makes our faces even better representations of who we are – without distractions. Here are some great methods for eliminating dark spots and acne scars.

One of the best ways to remove dark splotches and acne scars is to have chemical peel treatments. You can usually visit a licensed esthetician in your area where they can devise a treatment plan that can help remove some the more severe blemish scars and dark spots. Most of these chemical peels use a combination of skin safe acids to slough off layers of skin. Over the course of a year – after about 4 treatments – you will start to notice your skin getting smoother and your skin tone getting more even.

Next, if you want a more natural method you can easily reduce the amount of scars on your face by using a lemon treatment. All you need is a few fresh lemons and a washcloth. Just peel the lemons and rub them on your face – making sure to get the most coverage possible. Just leave the lemon on your face for about thirty minutes and use the washcloth to lightly rinse it off. You can then soak the washcloth in hot water and leave that on your face for about 5 minutes. Afterwards, you can wrap up the treatment by doing a final rinse with cold water to close the pours.

Another option is to use some type of face cream that can effectively lighten the dark spots and acne scars. You want to be careful, though, because a lot of over-the-counter treatments offer results, but are either more damaging or a waste of money. One of the most common active ingredients – and the most effective – is called hydroquinone. This chemical can reduce scarring and splotchyness by up to 5% with the solutions you can purchase off the shelf at your local pharmacy. If you want to want to have even better results or if you have more severe scarring, you can get a prescription for face lightning cream from a dermatologist.

Lastly, if you want professional facial skin rejuvenation you should probably head to a dermatologist. A licensed and reputable dermatologist will not only prescribe you medications and facial creams, but also they will be able to perform procedures you won’t be able to get at an esthetician’s practice. They might even use lasers or chemical peels that can virtually make your scars and dark spots go away completely.

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