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Tips for Flawless Summer Skin

Summer is the time of year many of us dread. As temperatures rise, we start shedding layers, meaning more flesh is on show. If you want to feel confident all summer long, check out our handy tips to get your body looking summer-ready and healthy before you dare to bare all on the beach.


One of the key parts of a skincare regime is exfoliation, but it is unfortunately very often neglected. The reason exfoliation is so important is that it removes all the dead skin cells, which often give skin a dull, matte appearance. Exfoliation buffs all these dead cells away, exposing the newer skin underneath and leaving you with a healthy glow. It also means that any skin treatments, such as moisturisers or fake tan, you apply will sink in better, and it means you avoid the patchy appearance of badly applied gradual self tanner.


Dry skin is never a good look. The areas to focus on are the elbows, knees and feet which typically dry out much faster than the arms, legs and torso. These days it is easy to find moisturisers containing SPF, so apply these for day to day use if your skin will be exposed to the sun. This keeps skin looking fuller and more youthful. To give the illusion of slimmer legs, a slick of moisturiser down the front of the shin will draw the eye inwards.

Fake tan

Love it or loathe it, fake tan is still a summer staple for many. Whether you go for a professional spray tan or prefer to do it yourself with an aerosol, mousse or lotion, the golden rule is to be subtle. Orange is never a good look, so if you want to step out looking bronzed and beautiful, steer clear of anything too dark or shimmery. Go for the lightest shade possible and be aware that gradual tanner and spray tans can take a few hours to develop, so don’t feel tempted to apply layer after layer before you’ve seen the true colour.

Treat yourself

Lots of people opt for manicures, massages and blow dries when they go to a salon or spa. However, next time you go for a beauty treatment, why not try a body wrap? This usually involves wrapping the body in a fabric wrap containing a special body treatment, such as clay, essential oils or even chocolate. The products heat up on your body and work their magic on your skin much faster than a standard body product, so summer is the perfect time to book yourself into a spa and see what a wrap can do for you.

Tanya Jackson writes for a number of beauty and skincare blogs

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