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How to Overcome an Obsession With Weight Loss

In today's world of glossy magazines, which are filled with thin, beautiful women, and reality shows full of glamorous celebrities; it's easy to find yourself chasing an impossible ideal. Moreover, it is especially easy to become obsessed with your own appearance and, specifically, weight loss. The truth is, no one is perfect, and many of the models on the covers of magazines are highly altered by specialists to erase blemishes and make people appear thinner - you can do amazing things with computers these days. Having an obsession with being thinner can lead to a whole host of problems, like psychological issues and even eating disorders. The most important thing, in order to live a healthy and happy life, is to be completely comfortable in your own skin. Unfortunately, for some of us, this is easier said than done. Here are some ways you can overcome an obsession with weight loss.

If you are concerned about your weight, don't immediately go for the option of not eating. Not eating is not an option, because your body can literally break down and the consequences of developing a serious eating disorder are dire. Instead, you should set certain, realistic goals, like eating healthier foods and working out a few days a week.

Also, don't look at the numbers on the scale. Even though they are numbers, they can fool you into believing you are overweight and you might start to develop body image issues. You should also not pay too much attention to how tight your clothes are or how much or often you exercise, because many of those things can be deluding. You must find something else to occupy your mind, other than the obsession with losing weight.

You also want to start asking yourself some serious questions - write them down and answer them in a journal if you have to. Sometimes the best way to combat an obsession with weight loss is by having a serious one on one with yourself. Ask yourself why you want to lose weight and maybe you'll get to a deeper reason that goes way beyond just physical appearance.

Another important way to overcome an obsession with being thinner is to stop equating yourself to other people. This will only fuel the obsession. Perhaps it's the models in the magazines, an actress on a TV, or a best friend - you don't want to compare yourself to her because you will develop unwanted resentment that is mainly stemming from your insecurities.

Lastly, if you have reached a point where the obsession with weight loss has turned into an eating disorder, like anorexia or bulimia, you can always talk to friends, make an appointment with a counselor or psychologist, call a hotline and if it is really bad, you can check yourself into an anorexia treatment center. The key to overcoming your obsession with weight loss is to find yourself, and developing the self-esteem to be proud of yourself, no matter how much you weigh.

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