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5 Great Hair Products Found in Nature

Everyone wants their hair to look good, but there are some factors that are even more important than money when choosing the right product for your needs. You can pick up the priciest, salon-style hair products, but if half of the label sounds like a science experiment you'll be best served leaving it on the shelf. Chemicals and fillers in these products collect in your hair, weighing it down and dulling your shine. Over time it can cause real damage, and even lead to hair loss. That may sound dramatic, but your hair is an extension of your skin, which is the largest organ in the body. You buy natural or organic food to eat and natural creams for your body, so why would you do anything different for your hair. Luckily there are some incredible products that occur naturally and make for powerful haircare tools. Here are five of the best hair products found in nature.

First of all, look for products that include shea butter. Shea butter raw looks like a pile of fat, and that's basically what it is. It's an emollient that's packed with fatty acids. Products that include shea butter will seal your hair follicle with a layer of oil, keeping it from drying out. It's really good for curly hair and hair that easily cracks and splits.

Another great natural hair product is coconut oil. This is one of the most popular ingredients in natural haircare, and for good reason. Coconut oil is also an emollient, but it does far more than just oil your locks. It brings beautiful shine, and supports each strand of hair to actually increase in strength. It's a fantastic choice for hair damaged by the sun or by multiple treatments. Also use it as a leave-in conditioner if your hair is particularly thick.

Aloe vera has long been looked at as a superfood, and has been a go-to resource in first aid for more than a century. But have you used it in your hair yet? If you're dealing with any sort of dry, itchy or flaky scalp problem an aloe vera gel is exactly what you need. You can find conditioners and shampoos that use it, or simply mix some of the gel in with your normal product. Some people even use it as a leave-in treatment to slow down hair loss or increase growth. You could see results with a steady treatment in as little as two months.

Have you tried everything for your dry scalp and still haven't found success? Then it might be time to try tea tree oil. This is another multi-use product that has risen to great popularity in haircare. It's antibacterial and anti-fungal, so any significant scalp issues will be soothed with this oil. If you buy it as an essential oil, remember that it is incredibly concentrated. You'll only need a little bit, and should probably mix it with water or your other products.

Finally, look out for vegetable glycerin. This is literally pulled from fresh veggies, so you don't have to worry at all about any negative effects. Vegetable glycerin acts as a high-potency humectant, binding water to your hair. This would be a great treatment option if you've overused your chi flat iron and need to bring some moisture back into your locks. It will also oil up your hair but won't be as heavy as some of the other options.

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