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How to Add Length and Volume to Fine, Thin Hair

Men have long had to contend with the thinning conditions associated with male pattern baldness. But did you know that nearly 60% of women also experience some kind of hair loss during their lives? There are many causes for this, including genetics, hormones, and even medications (just to name a few), and while you might not think that you can combat the causes of thinning hair, or if you have always had to fight with your fine, limp locks, the truth is that there are many options for the women out there looking to pump up the volume or add some sexy length to their hair. Ladies, you are not alone in your battle against fine, thin strands! And as such, you don't have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to finding solutions. What you will have to do, though, is put in some time and effort to find the options that are right for you. Here are a few that you might want to consider.

The place where most women start is with the prospect of turning their own hair into the full and gorgeous mane they've been dreaming of. Some women feel that their only option is to cut their hair short in order to make it look fuller. But this is hardly the case. If you want to make the most of the hair you have or even enjoy thicker, fuller tresses, you should first address the cause of the issue. If it's hormonal, talk to your doctor about treatments that could solve the problem. Or if you're taking a medication that causes thinning hair as a side effect, see if there are alternatives that might work for you. While there's little you can do about genetics, there are still some solutions to try. Products with minoxidil, for example, may help, and Rogaine has OTC solutions that are specially formulated to stop thinning and even add thickness or regrow lost locks.

However, you might not be keen on the idea of messing with your hormones, dousing yourself in chemicals, or giving up needed medications just to grow your own hair fuller and thicker. Luckily there are other options. One great avenue to explore is the prospect of hair extensions. These professional cosmetic treatments won't damage the hair you do have and they can last up to several months depending on how you cleanse and style your hair. Although they are expensive, they can give you the length and fullness you want instantly. Just as a side note, though, you'll probably want to avoid the track type of extensions in favor of those that are glued on in smaller groupings since tracks could be easily visible in fine or thin hair.

You might also undergo hair transplant surgery, where follicles are taken from other areas of the body and implanted in your scalp. But if you find this too extreme, you could follow in the footsteps of many, many women and consider using wigs. It's a great way to save time and expense (especially if you keep them in good condition) and you can have a different cut, color, and style every day of the week if you so choose. And there are so many natural looking products these days that no one would be the wiser if you wore the same one every day.

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