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Weight Loss Tips That Have Nothing To Do With Diet or Exercise!

Are you tired of listing to advice about carbs, proteins, strength training, and calories?  Here are 15 weight loss tips that don’t mention any of that stuff!  Well…we might mention calories a few times, but it won’t bum you out!

  1. Be blue.  Studies show that the color blue is an appetite suppressant.  Invest in a blue tablecloth and blue plates.  You could go so far as painting your dining room blue!
  2. Downsize your dinnerware.  Big plates look depressing and empty if they aren’t filled with food.  And sadly, the more food put in front of you, the more you’ll eat – regardless of how hungry you actually are.  Instead of using a standard dinner plate (10-14 inches), use a salad plate for your meal (about 7-9 inches).  Also, downsize from a 16-ounce glass to an 8-ounce glass.
  3. Make water your drink of choice.  Save your beverage splurge for one time per day.  Do you enjoy a glass of orange juice with breakfast?  Fine.  But don’t drink OJ all day long.  After breakfast switch to water for all your refreshment needs.  Or, drink water all day and indulge in a glass of skim milk at dinner.
  4. Use a pedometer.  Track how many steps you take each day.  Make a note of how far you travel each day for a week.  Once you have established an average number, see if you can add 1,000 steps each day.
  5. Don’t do family style.  Instead of bringing heaping platters of food to the table, dish up each plate in the kitchen.  What are the odds that you will get up from the table to dish up more food?  Pretty slim.
  6. Bulk up with veggies.  When preparing food, increase the ratio of vegetables to other.  For example, a pasta salad should have less pasta and more broccoli, carrots and tomatoes.  An omelet should be overflowing with good-for-you stuff.  And make your stir-fry as colorful as possible.
  7. Be smart about your coffee.  Instead of going to the coffee shop, make your beverage at home.  That way, you have better control over the calories you consume.  Coffee shop drinks have things like whole milk, whipped cream, sugar, and flavorful syrups.  Use good beans and nonfat powdered milk and your at-home beverage will be just as tasty but much healthier.
  8. Eat at home.  Studies show that people tend to eat more when they dine out.  The reason for this is the abundance of options available.  After all, when was the last time you offered your family an appetizer and dessert menu at home?
  9. Clean.  It doesn’t matter what you chose to scrub – the floor, some windows, the shower, your car – cleaning can be a great workout.  A 150-pound person can burn about four calories per minute when they clean!
  10. Make date night active.  Instead of splitting a jumbo bag of popcorn and soda at the movie theater with your loved one, go for a romantic stroll in the park.  Invite another couple to play a doubles tennis match.
  11. Get rid of your fat clothes.  Once you reach your target weight, get rid of all the stuff that is too big.  That way, you’ll have to buy new clothes if you ever gain weight.  Spending tons of money will be a strong incentive to maintain your current waist line.
  12. The kitchen is closed.  After dinner, wash the dishes, turn off the lights and walk away.  The kitchen is closed for the night.  Don’t go back in until breakfast the next day.
  13. Stay focused on the weekends.  Studies show that people tend to consume an extra 115 calories per day on the weekends. 
  14. Kiss your significant other.  A passionate kiss burns 6.4 calories per minute!
  15. Dress up.  When you go out to eat with friends and family, wear your best outfit.  If you look nice, you will receive lots of compliments.  The compliments will remind you that you want to stay looking nice.  It will help you avoid overeating.   

Blogger Lindsey Clement is always on the hunt for creative weight loss tips.  She is so over the whole counting calories and running on the treadmill thing.  For example, she uses vitamin B12 injections for weight loss; they give her a boost of energy for fun exercising like biking through the park or playing doubles tennis.

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