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Pregnancy and Hair Thinning

Not all women experience lush hair growth during pregnancy. Many report hair loss while pregnant and after the baby is born. Most women actually experience a small amount of hair loss while pregnant, even if they don't realize it. Along with a lot of other changes that occur as a side effect of pregnancy, hormones often cause hair to fall out. Hair loss during pregnancy may be minimal in one woman, but may be very noticeable in another woman. Hair loss really does vary from pregnancy to pregnancy, even with one woman. (see Thinning Hair)

Many women notice that the hair on their head is thicker during pregnancy. Many lose a lot of hair a few weeks or months after delivery. These changes are normal. Hair growth generally returns to its regular growing cycle within six months after delivery.
During pregnancy, hairs tend to stay in the resting phase longer. And much more of your hair is in the resting phase at any one time. Therefore, fewer hairs fall out each day. This causes your hair to seem thicker and fuller.

If you are looking for ways to cover up hair loss you might want to think about cutting your hair if you are wearing it really long. The thinning of your hair might be more noticeable if you have long hair, so trim it and maybe ask your hair stylist to put a few chunky layers in to add volume. Also try covering up hair loss by putting your hair up into a ponytail or other hair accessories. Headbands often do a great job of covering up hair loss that is obvious on the scalp. Play with all of these things, or just ignore the hair loss, as it's usually very temporary! If the hair loss makes you extremely uncomfortable, you can always look into wigs or temporary pieces, although that usually is not necessary for this type of hair loss.

After delivery, this resting phase shortens. More hairs fall out, and you start to grow new hair. But the normal hair loss that was delayed by pregnancy tends to take place all at one time. This may cause your hair to seem thinner than usual.

One of the most traumatic experiences a woman could endure in her life would be baldness. Hair thinning or slight hair loss is bad enough but total baldness can be completely heartbreaking. To see one's hair fall out in clumps and be able to do nothing about it is something no woman ever contemplates. Sadly there is a hair disorder that affects women for no reason, which causes the hair to fall out in handfuls. There is no known cure for the problem and many women with the disorder sadly spend vast sums of money with the so called "hair specialists" on wonder shampoo's which they claim will restore their crowning glory.

Luckily, because the hair loss during and after pregnancy is usually related to hormone imbalances the hair loss is very temporary. In fact, you may experience significant hair loss one trimester and then the next trimester your hair grows really fast and is suddenly very thick. Pregnancy does crazy things with hormones, and you just never really know what is going to happen! Just take it all in stride, and realize that losing some hair is well worth it to bring a child, your child, into the world.

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