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The term "beauty products" alone is something that immediately smacks of artificiality, in today's society. The idea of wearing makeup, or doing your hair, seems to be nothing more than putting on a mask of sorts and "improving" yourself for the rest of the world. It is reasonable then, that people might feel a need to rebel against the mass produced beauty products and the artificial ingredients which so many people use to cover their skin. Whether you are one of these people, or maybe you are just feeling adventurous or creative, there are some beauty products that you can make from your home with regular, all natural household items. Here are a few, but this list barely scratched the surface of what is available to you.


There are hundreds upon hundreds of recipes available online for home made face masks. A quick search will give you tons of ideas, but here are a few of the most popular. Honey is a staple in creating face masks, often the glue that holds the other ingredients together. Examples include yogurt and honey, rosemary and honey, rose oil and almond oil and honey, or just honey, oil and egg yolk. As well as face masks, you can also make your very own natural moisturizer, but this is a much harder and more involved process.


If you are as prone to straightening your hair as a lot girls, then your hair probably requires the same, if not more, attention as your skin. It is a goof think then, that there are so many home made hair conditioners available for you to try. Making these is a little bit more involved, but once you have finished, you will be glad that you started. One simple hair conditioner is made simply by beating an egg until frothy, adding one cup of baby oil and one cup of water. It is so simple and it works a charm!

Lip Balm

Lip balm is by far the most difficult of all of these to make. It involves a more painstaking process and a lot of gradual warming and cooling over a few hours. If you want to take a stab at it however, there are a lot of recipes available online.

As you can see, there are tons of great things that have come out of the earth that can be used to improve your skin and hair. It only takes knowing what each plant, fruit or vegetable can do in order to know how to best utilize their properties. Know this not only gives you a fun new hobby, but will save you tons on store bought beauty products. Through trial and error you will discover what your favorite ones are, and soon enough they will be the only beauty products that you use!

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