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Five Ways to Stay Motivated on Your New Fitness Plan

Did you start a new health and fitness routine as a New Year resolution and are finding it a struggle to stick to? If so, help is at hand! Before you give up, give these tips a try and get yourself back on track towards your fitness goals.

Create a Goal Calendar

Get out a calendar, place it on the wall and write one each day what you need to achieve. As you get home after a successful day, cross it off with big and bright marker pen to own your success!

Tell Your Friends

Tell your family. Tell people you just met. The more people who ask you about your progress, the more likely you are to keep it up. If your work colleagues are supportive, hang up a copy of your progress calendar at work.

Physical Reward

Head to the Groupon Coupons page for Athleta, pick out a nice new outfit in your dream size and be sure that you keep it visible to see each day when you're at home. Use it to act as a constant reminder of what you are working towards. If your goal involves exercise, don’t be afraid to reward yourself with new workout outfits as your body changes.

Adjust Your Food

If you want to give up your progress because you can't handle the boring or tasteless food of your current plan, mix it up. It's better that you adjust your eating plan to be realistic then give up and fall off the wagon completely.

Exercise With Friends

Running, cardio work, weights, it can all become a little boring. Instead of doing it on your own, look for friends who have similar goals or make new friends at the gym who you can socialize with between reps. This can also work as a great motivational tool.

These are five great ways which are sure to get you back on track and keep you working towards your goals. If you ever feel like giving up, always remember the reason which made you make your initial lifestyle change and hold on to it. You can do this!

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