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Five Steps to Finding the Perfect Party Dress

The perfect dress can make all the difference for a great night out, especially for a big event or special occasion. Just knowing you'll look great on the night can boost your self-confidence and helps you enjoy the evening to its fullest.

When it comes to finding that perfect little party dress, bear in mind a few simple rules to ensure you end up looking positively gorgeous. Stick to these top tips for party dress buying and you're sure to end up being the belle of the ball.

  • Tip One - Don't be a fashion victim

There's nothing worse than wearing a dress that doesn't suit you simply because it's in fashion. The pages of glossy magazines may try to tell you otherwise, but the most stylish women in history were never slaves to passing trends and had a very firm idea of what suited them - this includes style icons like Bridgette Bardot, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.

If you're unsure what may suit you, visit a style counsellor to find out what styles flatter your shape and what colours will bring out the best of your complexion.

  • Tip Two - Revamp an old dress

You don't need to splash the cash to look fabulous, instead have a dig through your wardrobe and salvage a sultry little number you haven't worn for a while. Use a colourful corsage or sew in some Swarovski crystals to customise your look. Accessories can also be used to inject some colour - a flash of turquoise earrings or chunky red beads could really make your outfit stand out from the crowd.

  • Tip Three - Dress for your shape

The beauty of the female figure comes from its many different shapes and sizes. From voluptuous sex kittens like Dita Von Teese to the long and graceful silhouette of Giselle - these ladies show that knowing your shape can really help you emphasise your good bits.

The most common body shape in woman is the pear - bigger on the bottom, smaller up top - and this type of figure really suits high necks, nipped in waists and A-line skirts to skim over the hips. The second most common body shape is the apple - thin arms and legs, and larger around the middle - and this body type should definitely flash those pins! Short sleeves work well too, just don't wear anything to clingy around your middle.

Boyish figures suit floaty, voluminous that gives the illusion of curves - and don't be afraid to flash some flesh! Finally, if you're lucky enough to have the enviable hourglass figure, stick to figure-hugging pencil dresses or, if you're feeling daring, bodycon.

  • Tip Four - Shop online

Popping online even just during your lunch break reveals a world of infinite options for shopping for going out dresses. You'll find far more choice online than you would on the high street, plus you can filter dresses quickly to find the right colour and style for you. However, when you do shopping on the Internet, you should be aware of hacking and Internet fraud. To safeguard your online shopping, consider using a VPN service. VPN services varies in terms of specialities, for example, there're VPNs best for file sharing, VPNs best for China, VPNs best for online shopping etc. You should select one the best fit your need.

  • Tip Five - Find the right shoes

Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw and focus on finding the perfect shoes to complete your outfit. Accentuate a little black dress with some sparkly court shoes, or complement that bodycon number with some sky-high heels. Think about what would best suit the occasion - perhaps some cute kitten heels would be best if you're going to be standing around a lot - and make your big night one to remember

Catherine Halsey writes for a digital marketing agency on a range of subjects. This article was written on behalf of Dorothy Perkins

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